April 25, 2016, Chino Valley

Heading out, for unexpected work,

I determine I’ll not shirk.

The types of math that are on the agenda,

Used to be headaches, never ending.

Time and tide have made them comprehensible,

So my explanations to the people are more dependable.

Self-confidence is thus transferable,

and knowledge, in turn, becomes more durable.

(My long-term post at Prescott High School was closed today,

therefore I went up to Chino Valley, to help there, for the day.)


13 thoughts on “Growing

  1. Again, love it, love it, love it!! How many subs have felt that way, especially about math! Maybe you could title it! “The substitute teacher’s lament” comes to mind. Good for you to return to CV right away.


  2. Saw antelope along the way? 🙂 Strong perfume smells is something I don’t like either. I don’t like math either but I’m glad there are those who do!


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