April 27, 2016, Prescott-

One of my students wrote a mini-movie script, this morning.

The depth of his thoughts spewed forth, without warning.

As with many of his generation, the focus was on geologic change.

Earthquakes, of late, have seemed to increase in range.

He wrote of the Big One, and how it would affect Hoover Dam,

sending cascading water, down the Colorado, and into the Bill Williams.

Our town would bear a bit of overflow, perhaps,

but his first thought was that his sanity might snap.

His rescuers appeared, though, in the personages of all the girls,

who, his adolescent mind has determined, rock his world.

Change is timeless, and so is sameness.

12 thoughts on “Timeless

  1. I love this story, Gary — but I have to admit to a little confusion. Does the Colorado run into the Bill Williams and then become a tributary of the Colorado? Doesn’t the Colorado flow to the ocean? Good for your student, incorporating his ideas on several levels into a story/script!


  2. The Hoover Dam is so huge. Seems almost impossible to construct. These days it probably wouldn’t get done. Too many people would kick and scream.


  3. I see two elements here that really are quite delightful. One is that youth are still conscious of the issues and that they are still young! Fancies are alive but the consciousness is what will move the world. They are thinking and trying to resolve! Yes!


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