Nature’s Terror

May 7. 2016, Prescott- Today is a rare kick-back day.  I did saunter down to our Saturday market, which is now back in my neighbourhood, until October.  The fresh produce will go into a Spring soup, once I pick up some organic meat at Trader Joe’s.  I also met some of the market’s other regulars, from last year.  It’s a lot more relaxed around here, than it was then.

Thinking of taking a short hike, I encountered rain that was serious enough to send me back inside.  Studying maps and reading took up the time, instead.  I have an inkling to go down to Prescott Valley, this evening, and join a group of friends who are attending a spiritual rock concert.

Our little Drum Circle thumped and chanted, last night, for, among other things, relief for Fort McMurray, Alberta.  It is a city of about 85,000 people, now mostly evacuated, due to the worst forest fire in North America, since our own Indian Fire, of 2002.  The fact that people were evacuated northward, then they ran out of food, is especially frightening.  Now, they have to somehow be brought out of harm’s way, and there was no safe route, as of this morning.  With all the tar sands nearby, the place may be extra incendiary.

I know that Canada, as a nation, is up to the horrific challenge- and as a North American, I will offer any support that the people request.  This is why we do best not to quibble about the inconsequential.

2 thoughts on “Nature’s Terror

  1. Today has been an odd day, alternating between dark clouds and bright sun — maybe this round of storms is coming to an end and moving off eastwards?! The situation in Fort McMurray should be a strong wake-up call to those of us in fire-prone areas! How sad for those poor people who lived there. Perhaps that’s a strong reason not to support the Keystone Pipeline?


  2. Indeed, we in Prescott know something of what those in “Fort Mc” are enduring. The oil sands are tantamount to an open, running gas pump. I shudder at what it’s like on the ground, up there.


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