Heat and Quotidia

June 26, 2016, Prescott-  I am back at Home Base, for four days or so, having served others, at a shelter in eastern Arizona and my spirit, at a Baha’i retreat, outside Flagstaff.  There is enough heat to go around, across the continent, from the sound of things.  It’s toasty here, but my ceiling fan, windows cracked open and plenty of cold water will see me through.

The week ahead will find me finishing the facilitation of a spiritual study group, joining a group of children on an outing to an animal rescue shelter, tending to a couple of quotidian comfort items (returning a sound system that isn’t working with my laptop and getting the zipper to the bottom of my tent’s door put back on track.) and being useful around here, wherever I can.

Come Thursday evening, I will be off again- this time focusing on family and friends, scattered as we are across the Midwest, Northeast and South.  The “Garython”, if you will, is likely to be something of a sequel to the journey I took in 2011.  That one was a reaction to my grief.  This one is more of an in-gathering.  Cousins, with whom I haven’t been in touch for several years, are reconnecting.  Friends along the way will also be a priority.  My mother and  two siblings will be at one end of the route, and also a priority, given that the end of this year will find me largely focused on my son and his  impending change of scene.  Southern brother, and Penny’s family, will be at the lower end, as will a few other special souls.  Then, a zip across the nation, to Colorado, and an Essential Oils conference, will end the whole shebang.

I read about fire and water, on opposite ends of the country, continuing to give grief to so many people.  A fellow attendee, at the retreat I joined this weekend, is of the opinion that Earth will undergo severe climate and geological events for the next 30,000 years.  If that’s the case, we’ll all spend much of our spirit lives responding to the urgent pleas of those who are here.  Somehow, I don’t think it’ll be THAT long of a torment, but we surely have to deal with what is going on now.

Speaking of which, a black bear made its way to town today.  It was spotted outside the Planet Fitness that I frequent.  I haven’t left the house, since I got back from Bellemont, and will just have to keep tabs on the matter, tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “Heat and Quotidia

  1. Fires — there’s one right now on the Laguna Canyon Road, about 5 miles from my home. It’s small, but in wilderness area that hasn’t burned for a while. Bears — they’re coming out of the mountains daily right now — a camper was mauled in his tent last night above Altadena. The world is definitely changing! Enjoy your trip eastward!


    • Having been on Laguna Canyon Road several times, I hope and pray that the fire is controlled quickly. Bears, like us, are beside themselves in this heat. I will definitely not be camping away from the traveling masses, especially in the West. This is not a good time for anyone to strike out, too far, on their own.


      • The Laguna fire was 60% contained when I went to bed last night; this morning there is no mention of it, though the air is a little smoky. I have to assume that it’s under control.


  2. Black bears have started showing up in the county were I used to live in a house. It’s a new thing there. The wildlife people say the bears are young males passing through on their search for a territory they can call their own.


    • Wild animals will not hesitate to explore a residential area, anywhere. There have been Eastern coyotes in the neighbourhood in which I was raised, for some time now. Mountain lions (cougars) are everywhere, as are bears, deer and elk.

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      • Coyotes, raccoons, deer, beaver, wild hogs, and opossums are common. Bears are new. There are cougars around but they are rarely seen. There are a few alligators as well.


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