Tales of the 2016 Road: Hoosiers Are Creative

July 5, 2016, Bedford, PA- I started the day, determined to give the Altima a bit more TLC-so I headed to Kokomo, one of the first automotive industry centers in the U.S., for a stop at the Advance Auto Center.  Just beforehand, I spotted the Seiberling Mansion, off to the west side of this still innovative city.


Seiberling Mansion, Kokomo, IN


Seiberling Mansion, Kokomo, IN

It was closed, of course, being very early in the morning.  I had much to do, though, so exterior views sufficed.   In the front, there was a bit of information about Mr.  Monroe Seiberling, one of the energy industry’s first entrepreneurs.


Information about Seiberling Mansion

Closely associated with Mr. Seiberling was Elwood P. Haynes, who promoted the gasoline engine, and invented products from stainless steel to the first mass-produced automobile model.  Elwood was a true Renaissance man, even though much of what he ushered in has run its course, due to so many recent advances in technology.  Nonetheless, here he is, in front of Seiberling Mansion.


One of Kokomo’s Renaissance men

I left the historic district of Kokomo, in search of Advance, got what I wanted for the car, then took care of breakfast, at a Kokomo institution:  The Waffle House (not to be confused with the pleasant chain of restaurants that is found nationwide.)  The Waffle House has a full complement of regulars, and portions large enough to suffice someone like me for an entire day.  After picking up a charging cord for my Android phone, at Target, to replace one I had left behind in Rolla, I headed towards Indianapolis.

A young friend, who had moved here from Kentucky, several months ago, contacted me and we set aside a couple of hours, for a Starbucks conversation. We talked at length of the education system, special needs populations and the level of care offered by government. She’s working hard, and I let it be known that I am proud of her efforts.  The little man to her right, below, is also a wonder.  He is intently into his Minecraft- and I admire that focus.


Friends in Indianapolis

I look forward to visiting with them again, with husband and father present, as well, next time.

With rush hour approaching, I am headed towards I-70, through Ohio and as far into Pennsylvania as my energy level and prudence allow.  Indiana has provided me with a fair measure of re-assurance and homespun wisdom.





10 thoughts on “Tales of the 2016 Road: Hoosiers Are Creative

  1. since you’re zags ahead of this – 😀 larry mcmurtry,; roads a 2k book again. you’d obviously NOW like it more than I as you’ve seen more. I’m a tad bored of my view in any direction and much of them i’ve literally not seen! 😀 😉 but anyways. I chuckle a little reading the dates and realizing steam was known and obviously useful but purdy much dying in favor of petrol/gasoline. for a start, gas was thrown away cheap. people respect others the resourcefulness long after it’s naught more than a function of luck/timing. luck the word alone via etymology means having an advantage over another smugly, which obviously makes it something I ask you to WINK at being somewhat anti religious which seeks love or harmony, egoic advantage is…prized in a situation of pluck as in the advancement of life over ill but dangerous as “luck” seeks another’s disadvantage…or always disharmony…. anyways I’ll go preach in the closet to myself a while longer and move on. steam. it’s rather simple. heat water ; water goes poof and things go oomph. if things are meant to go around and around and are strong enough to, industy. but let’s roll back to detroit, motown heart of cars for a time. but interestingly while that’s true indie beat them soundly for car and industry manufacture. hence it’s the brickyard… the indy 500, not the detroit grand prix. not that the later lacks some fun. just as brooklands was speed for England/uk there is a lot of lore and or fame to split up. heck even the Pueblo i hint i disdaine traveling to a …recently built damn with just the right size to be the kind of stuff I put sketches to paper about ?? why is it i go whatever ew I’d rather stay home in a/c?…more on that in whever i figure it out. anyways. you hit up ct. or will here in shortly 😀 imagine what it was like for abner doble to drive up and down the street in his steam car in front of the industry then players, the stanleys with who cares another hot rodder joyriding out there when this abner fellow want them to SEE FOR THEMSELVES the fools they were not contacting him immediately as his steam car put out now steam while their leaked in by the puff!… he had hisself a novel invention!…a condenser and a properly closed loop because of the far lesser once and puffed out pressures from it….. white sold and made more than stanley yet we hardly in todays times know a solitary thing about stanley save they’re a carpet cleaning company 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgKZmBv9OV8 an illustration gas/steam… for early steam era times til twenties then poof gone gas lighting versus electric… hence the twenties’ honker huge headlightights then reasonable sized ones… here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9w1bWFVfJMY which the examples of moving about are there but the headlamps are later. now, because i say steam or history lol the doble was sold and jest as it died likely because 15 years after ford was revvin, people thought there still was a market left for steam… there was but who could afford anything more than a tin lizzy at 25 cent’s an hour for 2500? really? buy a ford or by a yellow chevy on payment…fords were?… black.


  2. Kokomo is only about an hour or so away from us. You can stop in any time. 🙂 Your title caught my eye. I love my state but I also like exploring other states. So many interesting things to find! Blessings on your travels.


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