Tales of the 2016 Road: Blessed the Family That Stays Together

July 6, 2016, Oley, PA-  I can’t drive through these parts, without a stop at Glick’s Greenhouse.  It was getting near Dave’s birthday, and Beth was having the family over for dinner, so I got to be a part of the festivities.  Besides, the accommodations are the best in the area.

The day started with a lovely breakfast at Bedford Diner, which has become an instant favourite of mine- first and foremost because of the exquisite breakfast sausage.  The regulars and the waitresses bantering is always a delightful aspect of sitting at the counter, anywhere, and it certainly was there.

My only sightseeing of the day was at Leesport Farmers Market- one of the biggest in the Reading area. I picked up a few things for Beth, and enjoyed the bustling atmosphere.  This event only happens on Wednesdays, but I am sure the pavilions see plenty of use for other purposes.


Leesport Farmers Market


Leesport Farmers Market

I found my way to Oley, by the backroad, past the regional middle school, patting myself on the back for having done so.  I did have to get reassurance from Beth, though, that I was on the right track, heading past the one-lane covered bridge, which I’ve shown in previous posts on the Greenhouse.  We had a fine dinner, with a new addition, the Glicks’ youngest nephew has joined the brood, since I was last here, in 2013.  After dinner conversation centered around the stuff of country life- yes, that includes guns, which I regard as tools for hunting and target shooting, as well as for personal safety in an unsafe environment.  We all agreed that guns are not a means of showing off one’s power.  Baling hay also held center stage.

No family photos, this time.  It was a bit on the hot and sticky side.  Some enjoyed the rubber swimming pool, as a result.  The sunset, though, was vintage PA.


An Oley Valley sunset


As I said earlier, the room is fabulous, and I got a fine sleep.  This proved to be fortuitously necessary, for what followed, the next day.

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