November 15, 2016, Prescott-

The longest week of November is nearly halfway gone.

I take one day at a time, on this gig,

so it does not phase me,

that this is the most quotidian segment

of a season that features a plethora

of holidays.

A colleague was unaware of some functional facts,

regarding our planet’s geography.

She is no longer so much in the dark.

It seems, in this day and age,

that some would prefer

the Dark Ages.

Thinking, and being functional,

were so much easier then,

or so they suppose.


5 thoughts on “Functional

  1. I, too was thinking that life in the Dark Ages must have been much simpler — but would it?! In reality, I think it must have been much more difficult without the ‘modern’ conveniences’ — transportation, communications for starters –that we have now but didn’t then. We are also more aware of the world around us than we could have been then.


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