November 26, 2016, Chula Vista-

We went to see the film “Doctor Strange”, this evening.  It’s a highly entertaining account of mystics being able to bend time, space and matter- for good or for ill.  One of the characters mentions to Dr. Strange that, in being concerned with his own ego, he is seeing the universe through a keyhole- and imagining his view to be all-encompassing.

So many of us seem to be seeing the world through keyholes of our own device.   The two extremes in out national politics have been doing so, for sometime. The keyholes seem to be also getting smaller and smaller.  It is also apparent that the backdrop, behind the door, is getting dimmer and dimmer.

Any time in history, when people feel totally disenfranchised, has been fraught with severe pendulum swings.  The decline and fall of Imperial Rome, the French Revolution and its aftermath, and the fall of the Soviet Union  are each an example of this, albeit differing in severity.  Jacobin France is one of the deadliest examples of people looking at the world through keyholes, and seeing nothing but enemies- even in the faces of those who were their allies, only a short time before.

It is no coincidence that the leader of a White Supremacist splinter group identified his personal role model as Napoleon Bonaparte.  This, to me, is a clear indication of the intentions of his particular entourage.  Sowing chaos, in this large and disparate society, may seem impossible- but look to Rome, and to Russia.  It only takes a relative few opportunists to bring it about- and with the advent of false news reporting, the mayhem can come about rather quickly.

Once again, to be safe, at any given time, is to be vigilant beforehand.  I do not see the answer to our nation’s current growing pains to be drawing our wagons into  tight circles, such as supremacist or nativist fantasies, or safe zones.  The real solution, in my humble view, is wider inclusion.  There will never be a time when I cut off my conservative friends to curry favour with people on the Left, or vice versa.  I will not shun my friends of colour or of sexual identities that aren’t my own, just so that my White and heterosexual friends are assuaged- or vice versa.

It’s time to open the door, for a broad view.

9 thoughts on “Keyholes

  1. I take this time to sigh. I seek not the camel through the eeye of the needle – a rich man passing through to paradise from the Christian Saying. I don’t seek to live as Eleanor Rigby dying in a church with nobody there, nobody cares either. But I am not seeking to paint myself large at the moment. i therefor might actually be pardoxically able to achieve it. One or more keyholes clicked unlocked when before it was only doors closed to the forever more of possibilities… I would like to step through some perhaps to an outside of joyous recess time in school…of life – as we enjoy flinging metaphors about….I don’t want someone to say it is impossible becaue. I want people to believe it is easier in a way when there is seemingly less there to say it should be – so it seems a greater prize when it becomes history. a person running on xenophobic positions and seemingly the language of division- just like the school yards and halls of youthful days when it wasfootball or outcast yet we all know adulthood is a joy of discovery that life isn’t just football or outcast as so few play it long into it. I know it’s keyhole thinking to say I am not thus running for god…please note the little g as i am not aiming for outright blasphemy..just the truth i am one person who might be blessed to show a world of littler steps to not mountaintops first stepped upon but smaller promentories, a simple position i can worry not of failure immenant but to try my best with all I have just to make littler details achieved little steps repeated to be a little further towards goals and dreams. I look to be not broad but so caught up staring toward the goal rimmed in a keyhole that so little else can distrack me from achieving its grasp achieved. with any luck that is what will help – not broadness but simplicity. my view isn’t grey scaled racism but in living color. I can not see every friend on the path to the goal /s either. but I can not see every point in the maze to get at it just that it is ahead of me and but steps away. I can not be overly concerned i may step past people to my prizes either. i will be able to choose my steps-aiming and tossing aid and or encouragements only my way too…as i have that benefit- i have one already – I graduate schooling. some jobs frankly are not open to those far more skilled than i ever could hope to be simply because i passed that simple requirement and they did not. I refer to the service of jobs available upon us military bases the country over. I need not compete with a sixteen year old who can drive when i can not and cheer not at their expense as such is lesser of anyone but sober my soul to that there is something i have not all do. and that is a little chance–it would almost serve me if I was a minority but i am not…so the old song line of “when all it seems to be seen isat the hiring time is the line on the color bar – aiming to remind us once upon a time it was racially damning but now advantageous where it was once damning the opposite way. but add to this i have a minor additional which is a weight to hire those with disabilities of which i have one legal one and you bet it’s a small hope it’s the two tickets to success, graduation and tax break weights…. but such is a narrow view indeed. i’m a tad sorry in that i don’t see so widely. I want difficult for me to obtain things.


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