January 17, 2017, Prescott- 

Today being 1-17-17, I thought of the significance of single-digit numbers.

Zero holds a place, adds value to its cousins.

One is a beginning, a self-contained unit.

Two is the sign of union, and a springboard for family.

Three means there is a branching out, and a triad is a sign of power.

Four gives a place for all cardinal directions, and so anchors the sacred elements.

Five is a halfway mark, a place to look back and then look forward.

Six is a consummate point, in games of chance, the place at which one may measure self-confidence.

Seven is a a consummate point, in matters of luck, and may impart either bravado or insecurity.

Eight isunity one perfect circle, mounted on another.  It may mean a doubling of energy.

Nine is the point of unity.  No other single number can surpass it.

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