Sadratu’l- Muntaha


September 27, 2017, Prescott-

NOTE:  The title term refers to a tree, planted at a terminus of a road, in ancient Arabia.  It could signify either an ending or a beginning.

What, exactly, is a barrier?

Which is the beginning, and which, the ending?

I recall that every walk around Saugus began at our back door.

So, too, did every journey end there.

My formal education began in September, 1956, at the Felton School.

It ended in August, 1987, when I completed my administrative credential, at Northern Arizona University.

My time as a Roman Catholic began with my baptism.

It ended with my declaration as a member of the Baha’i Faith.

Now, I live in an apartment, in Prescott, Arizona; work as a teacher aide, at Prescott High School; am a devoted adherent to the Teachings of Baha’u’llah.

Do I still consider Saugus a place in my heart?

Am I still learning?

Do I still revere Jesus the Christ?

In each case, the answer will always be “Yes”.

Will I not again travel?

Will I close my mind to new ideas?

Will I turn aside from the Creator?

In each case, “No”.

What, exactly, is a barrier?

It occurs to me, that each barrier is a self-imposed ending.




January 17, 2017, Prescott- 

Today being 1-17-17, I thought of the significance of single-digit numbers.

Zero holds a place, adds value to its cousins.

One is a beginning, a self-contained unit.

Two is the sign of union, and a springboard for family.

Three means there is a branching out, and a triad is a sign of power.

Four gives a place for all cardinal directions, and so anchors the sacred elements.

Five is a halfway mark, a place to look back and then look forward.

Six is a consummate point, in games of chance, the place at which one may measure self-confidence.

Seven is a a consummate point, in matters of luck, and may impart either bravado or insecurity.

Eight isunity one perfect circle, mounted on another.  It may mean a doubling of energy.

Nine is the point of unity.  No other single number can surpass it.