February 13, 2017, Prescott-

Snow besets the Northeast,

Rain fills the Southwest’s waterways,

Dust retreats, into mud.


The Alt-Right cries foul,

The Prog-Left yells foul words,

Civility retreats, into a cave.


Strength looks like force,

Humility is seen as weakness,

Sensibility retreats, into a whirlwind.


I  am listening quietly,

You wince at my expression,

Perception retreats, into personal mythology.

7 thoughts on “Polarities

      • Thanks, Gary. We’re mostly buttoned down right now, but another weekend of heavy storms is bearing down on us. The worst local disaster, Laurel Canyon, is 100 miles or so north of here. The disaster right now is Oroville Dam, where the spillways are in trouble! They are reducing the lake level by judicious use of the spillways, and have evacuated 200,000 people! A real disaster if they can’t get this under control — could get all the way to Sacramento, but hopefully they have a solution!


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