13 thoughts on “Oroville

  1. Oh, so true! I’m glad I no longer live in Sacramento — if they can’t fix the spillways, it will affect Sacramento, since the Yolo Bypass — a way for the 2 rivers through town to spill safely into agricultural land — is already in use


    • People are saying that they had 4 minutes warning in the Oroville situation — they might have 5 or 10 minutes warning if the Sacramento River should be compromised, or if one of the levees around Sacramento should fail! This is possibly a precursor to a huge Katrina-like catastrophe!


    • That’s exactly how they’re trying to solve the issue — like filling sink holes in roads (which is the closest comparison), they have to fill the hole before they can cover it. They started out with boulders, but those were too big, so they are now breaking the boulders into smaller rocks. They will fill the gaps with slurry, which acts like cement — in the hope that will fill the hole and allow them to again use the spillways! One of the holes is the size of a football field. I would be very worried if I still lived in Sacramento — the Feather River feeds into the Sacramento River, which is already causing use of a flood control mechanism!

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  2. With apologies for hijacking this post last night — the update today is that 180K people can go home, but are on “evacuation watch” and could be ordered to leave again at any time. They are confident that the dam is not going to break, but not so much that the spillways will hold as they are supposed to — one could go at any time, or the runoff and new rain could cause further problems. I think I’d go home and pack my belongings to be ready to go in a hurru, just in case!


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