Clearing the Smoke

June 28, 2017, Prescott- 

It is no secret that I have several issues with anyone whose priority in life is belittling ,and exercising a faux authority over, others.  Even when one’s position embues responsibility, and therefore a measure of authority, over others, I have always regarded that as a special bounty, not to be viewed as carte blanche.

I have had, as you may remember, some moments of difficulty with certain of my supervisors, at my places of employment, over the years.  These have usually derived from lack of communication, though sometimes the issue has been a superior’s hubris.

This extends to volunteer-based organizations.  There are supervisors, even in an organization such as the Red Cross, who rely on yelling, embarrassing the pro bono help working under them and acting as if such work were strictly a paid position.  These same people then whine, when there is a shortage of staff, for a particular errand of mercy.

People matter.  Volunteers matter, and so do the clients, who like children witnessing an imperious father’s browbeating of his spouse (or vice versa), formulate a sense of justice.  We are, currently, in our area, experiencing a particularly intense and stressful wildfire situation.  The vast majority of volunteers and paid staff for our organization are greatly dedicated to the well-being of our clients.  It behooves those few, for whom this organization represents a neurotic means to power, to step aside, and let those whose hearts are with the good of the people, to get their tasks accomplished, without being browbeaten or made the targets of rancour.

End of editorial.

13 thoughts on “Clearing the Smoke

  1. Amen! I saw that when I volunteered with Red Cross in Holbrook during the Rodeo-Chedeski fires. Most all the folks were working hard to help, but there were a few, usually in paid positions, who were intent on their way being the only and right way, even when they were proved to be wrong. 😦


  2. Isn’t that the way it always happens? A little power can really cause some folks to lose their perspective and once “drunk” on that only thirst for more! It usually is at the expense of others!


  3. I’m saddened to read this — you’d think the effort would be worth everybody working together!
    There have been so many fires here during the heat wave that I can smell the smoke from here, although I’m at least 50 miles away from the closest one!


  4. I’m experiencing this first hand with the administration where I work. I think everyone in authority should job shadow their employees to learn what the job entails before pretending to know. It’s very frustrating. A volunteer should never be treated that way.


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