There Is Perfection, In A Day

October 8, 2017, Prescott-

I am, in a manner of speaking,

taking the day off.

There was breakfast at the Legion,

this morning,

followed by laundry,

a phone conversation about

spiritual study, and

clearing this trusty laptop,

of old downloads.

It’s mid-afternoon

and the air is clear,

so I will, shortly,

head for a local trail

and indulge my legs,

my knees

and my back,

which have had

Planet Fitness,

the back yard,

the school gym and track

and little else,

to engage them,

these past few months.

Then, I will finish

my clearing the back yard

and pamper my back,

at Planet Fitness.

Be back, soon.


6 thoughts on “There Is Perfection, In A Day

  1. It’s a lovely day here — I went to Dana Point Harbor this afternoon for a first outing in a long time — had to remember that it’s my eyes that have changed and not the camera lens, but it was a nice ride and I think I have some nice photos! Naptime now!


    • Santa Barbara has a lagoon that opens to the sea (albeit sporadically). This summer there has been a huge hue and cry about the aroma from the algae blooms that occur in the lagoon. I hope wht you say is true, but I think time will tell on that one!


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