December 17, 2017, Prescott-

I stayed close to home today.  My spirit guides told me it’d be a good idea.  I spent some time with friends at a local restaurant, then visited another friend’s family Christmas display.

One week is left of school, before we break for two weeks.  This week will have two regular days and three shorter ones.  My purpose remains the same, though:  Impart as much, in the way of social skills reinforcement, to our five students, and maintain a consistent routine.  This last means everything to autistic people.

I have signed on for business training, with another travel blogger, albeit in more essential business practices of TODAY’S environment- both digital and physical.  It’s legitimate- I have checked.  It may even help me with other interests of mine, like teaching about essential oils.

Another subject, that keeps coming up among my fellow bloggers, is relationships.  Well, duh!  I was asked, yesterday, by a much-older friend, as to when I was going to get married again.  I have no idea-especially since:  To women over 70, I’m a younger brother; to women in their 40’s and 50’s, I’m too old; to women in their 60’s, I am also like a sibling.  Anyone under the age of 40 is like a daughter or niece.  In short, I am quite happy with all of the above.  It’s nice to have reliable friends in my life, and not have to complicate matters with romance. Penny was one of a kind.  If there is another such person, well, I will know.  If not, I am in a good place.

I have become better at living  purposefully. 2018 may well be one of the best years of this life.

20 thoughts on “Purposeful

  1. Please take another look at your generalized perceptions of yourself, “younger brother!” I do agree that it’s good to have solid friendships, uncomplicated with romance, but you’ve just knocked out all your possibilities!

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    • Not necessarily- bear in mind that many women feel put upon by men in general and need to be reassured that there are at least some of us who recognize their fears. I guess I might have phrased things differently, and in this piece, I was addressing the perceptions of some lady friends who are in their 40’s and 50’s. The specter of being a caregiver to a man ten or twenty years their senior always lurks in the back of their minds, even with someone like me, who is currently active and in good health.

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  2. Age is often a mental attitude more than an age or physical condition. Lifelong learning keeps you mentally fit and so I applaud your business classes! Hope you learn how to make your business endeavors successful!

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  3. I wonder… maybe you don’t want to become ‘a burden’ to a younger woman and you protect yourself from getting hurt, by these thoughts? Cause, to me, true love ‘doesn’t care’ about age difference. Indeed, nothing wrong with being alone, and of course, it will not be the same you had with Penny, that’s impossible. But at least stay open (minded) for a new meaningful relationship, ok?
    Essential oils…looking forward to learn from you about that. It was a small part of a study I took years ago, would love to gain more knowledge.

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