Year-End Reflections, Part 6: Risk and Delivery

December 29, 2017, Spring Hill-

I have consolidated a couple of small holdings.  Being well-insured, it is a small risk, that will take care of obligations.  Historically, I have taken several risks, both great and small.  Some, like an early involvement in stem-cell therapy, for Penny, proved to be of no benefit, and considerable loss.  Others, such as my low-level involvement with do Terra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, have given me long-term health benefits.

I have been roundly excoriated, a few times, for failure to deliver on my various projects.  What I’ve learned from those failures, is that I went forward, without having understood all the ramifications and possible barriers to success. The lesson of 2017 is that, despite the mistakes I’ve  made over the years, which have long lowered the opinions some family members and past associates have of me, I am still a worthwhile human being.

I have gained many friends, this year, as mentioned earlier.  Friendships are never without risk, loss being first and foremost.  Some online friends have drifted away, or become distant and standoffish.  That will hardly keep me from being devoted to those who remain, or from making still more friends, in the days and months ahead.

As 2018 glimmers in the not-too-distant horizon, I sense there will be a cash flow, either from the source I described yesterday or from somewhere not yet evident.  I will be a bit more cautious, and not drawn in by glamour or exuberance of others, yet neither will I shy from risk.

Fear of  failure, or of scolding, is a thing of the past.


15 thoughts on “Year-End Reflections, Part 6: Risk and Delivery

  1. Moving beyond fear is very difficult! I applaud your success in achieving that level of self assurance and confidence. I hope 2018 is profoundly better for you and hold success in friendship and business endeavors!

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  2. Yay because you see I too have taken risk and found new ways to see more of joy. It isn’t easy empowerment it’s deuce sobering to sense how fast nurturing can be squashed – yet to have courage to move be that forward falling getting up and smiling again? Ahhhh.

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  3. Hey while you s.h I’m St. Petersburg target 83rd ave n and dmlk. It’s a drive but your close enough to muddy waters kava coffee bar Or the German bakery cafe Mozart. I can’t Spring Hill save one way greyhound but if you’re not out I’m here and close :). You’re usually good for a chat over pastry and coffee 😉

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