Reason and Rage

December 30, 2017, Spring Hill-

I was scolded, a while ago.

Someone is furious,

that I said people who

learn from their mistakes

are winners.

Let’s revisit that one.

Everyone learns.

I am sometimes a slow learner,

my lessons might be repeated,

a dozen times or so.

Yet, I do learn.

I do, eventually, win.

That ought to satisfy

my enraged reader.


14 thoughts on “Reason and Rage

  1. I too am puzzled about a reader taking umbrage at your opinion and perspective on life lessons. We are each the arbiter of our own failings. We can wallow in self pity and swim in guilt and remorse or we can learn and not ever make that mistake again – it is our own decision. I rather like the concept of winning even when I’ve had to learn the hard way that fire burns!

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  2. People who learn from their mistakes are definitely winners. I have really learnt from my mistakes and I believe everyone makes mistakes. Some learn from their mistakes and some do not. Lovely post from you. Love it!

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