Whose Toilet?

January 14, 2018, Prescott-

My day will likely be a joyous one, with my spirits telling me to get the laundry done, attend a memorial service, then either go and help my dear friend, or go hike in Granite Dells, if she is not in the mood for company.

Now, back to the title question.  I was discomfited, annoyed, put out at the tale coming out of the White House, as to our President’s purported comments, regarding immigrants and their countries of origin.  Either he said these things, thus committing a serious breach of comity OR his actual words were translated to fit the opinion of the observer towards the President, thus committing a serious act of calumny towards him.

Either way, I have to say this, about countries in general:  Each has its places of sublime beauty, and each has its places of squalour.  This is as true of the USA as it is of Haiti.  It is as true of France, Germany, the UAE, as it is of Liberia, Guyana or Bangladesh.  I have seen exquisite, serene villages in Guyana and decrepit, unsettling places in France.  No one who has been across our great nation would deny that there is astonishing beauty in Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and the Great Smoky Mountains, whilst admitting that there is much work to be done, in addressing the matters of homelessness in cities large and small, in raising up the standards of living in First Nations reservations and in run-down sections of both urban and rural areas, across the continent.

No one likes to have their good name, or that of their country, sullied.  Some will argue, “Well, if the shoe fits, wear it!”  If that shoe has a hole in it, I would gather that the person has every right to decline its adornment.  Far better, in my view, that, having shone the light on the filth and the problems, the President, and each of us who has looked down their noses at a person, community or country, should put down that flashlight and ask, “How might we help?”  One immediate thing we can each do is, stop referring to the shortcomings of a people, as their be all and end all.  Acknowledge the beauty of a place, or of a society, instead of yammering about how horrible SOME aspects of it happen to be.  Messes happen, even in the finest of communities (just ask anyone in Montecito, CA). Beauty and strength, likewise, may be found anywhere.  How about building on that beauty and strength?

10 thoughts on “Whose Toilet?

  1. Trumps comment also had a second part, and this clearly demonstrates his disconnect from reality.
    The Socialist Scandinavian countries like Norway provide a far superior quality of life to its citizens than the US does.
    From their perspective and from mine, the US is the shithole and President Trump has shit between his ears! 😀

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  2. This President is not one of the better choices the American electorate has made. He is woefully out of touch on the finer aspects of foreign policy and displays an appalling lack of diplomacy. Still we are stuck with him – I truly hope we can avoid a complete loss of credibility among the rest of the world… I don’t think there was any need to “translate” his statement since he was speaking English at the time!

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  3. To me, some of the comments he made last week are just plain racism. Ordinary people will be thrown in jail (at the least) for comments like that. If you add up everything that he has done or said, since he’s in that role, I still can’t figure out, why he is still in that role.
    Anyways, great series of posts I’ve read by your hand again, dear Gary. Wishing you another good week ahead. XxX

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    • Trump is doing and saying the exact same things done and said by Andrew Jackson, who was given eight years in office, by Woodrow Wilson, also given eight years in office and, to a lesser degree, by Richard Nixon, who overstepped his bounds and was given “only” 5.5 years in office. I shudder to think what is going to happen to our great nation, over the next 3-7 years.

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