Monster, Part I

January 15, 2018, Prescott-

Last night, I was lovingly, but forcefully, admonished to turn away from what I know in my heart to be the greatest Source of Light the world has yet seen.  I will not, ever, do that, even under pain of death.

This morning, someone I thought I could trust, has attacked me on Facebook Messenger, for refusing to pass judgement on the President of the United States.  While I take umbrage at his remarks, concerning nations of colour, I will not, ever, judge another human being’s inherent worth, even under pain of death.

We, as a nation, and as a human race, mark the birthday of a powerful, if flawed, personage, who did as much, if not more, to advance the cause of human dignity than any other American in the Twentieth Century.  Quite frankly, if there is such a thing as a body rolling in its grave, I am sure Dr. King is turning somersaults, at the back and forth verbiage that has plagued our nation, for nearly two years.  Remember his words: “Hate cannot overcome hate.  Only love can overcome hate.”

There is a monster loose in the world.  We know him as Satan.  He has no power, save what we give him, as Jesus the Christ and Baha’u’llah have both said.  Satan is not an actual physical being, but the personification of our own egos.  These days, though, ego is rampant, as rampant as ever.

I have been told my deepest beliefs are only my opinion.  I have been told that if I don’t attack other human beings, that I am just as guilty as they are.  I, have been told, by different people, to conform to their beliefs and expectations, or else.  Sorry, my beliefs will only change when the Holy Spirit guides me to change them.  Even if I have no friends left in the human race, that will be the bottom line.  I’ve always been a loner, so that is no big deal.

The only way to fight a monster is to not give it an inch.  I will respond to any comments made below, in Part II.

30 thoughts on “Monster, Part I

  1. The biggest factor contributing to who someone becomes is the social context; religion, race, country, community. Catholics are brought up to become Catholics from an early age. The indoctrination process begins when their minds are defenseless and trusting.
    Racists and bigots are programmed in exactly the same manner.
    You are right in that when we look at miscreants like Trump all we can say is, there goes what I could have been myself if the circumstance was alike! So it may be good to hold back judgement, but you cannot respect what he is and cannot oppose him by any means possible, including disrespectful language!

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    • It’s not even the man to be condemned, but the social forces that he represents that must be opposed with counterforce! Love is not going to correct or educate Trump, he needs a shock big enough to create a crisis large enough for him to reorganize his thoughts! Pavlov did this with dogs and by bringing them to the state of mental breakdown, only then could he rewrite their programming!

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    • I grew up in a very racist town, where MLK’s death was applauded, publicly. My family and I were sick to our stomachs, at what the neighbours were saying. My reaction, in school, the next day, was to stand in front of the two Black kids at their lockers and tell the Irish kids to not take another step. The Assistant Principal came by, and hustled the mob off to class.

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  2. And feeding love to a sociopathic narcissist seems foolhardy. Trump is an imbecile as far as promoting policies and managing his power for the benefit of the nation, especially the minorities. But what his is competent at is promoting policies that benefit himself, his family, his friends and his social-economic class!
    Feeding love to this narcissist is the absolute worst thing you could do, it feeds the black hole that is Trump…and he will only grow more powerful by doing so!

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  3. Oh, my goodness, Gary — it seems to me that the people who attacked you on Facebook are as intolerant as the President himself. We all have our own opinions, some spoken and some not. It is one’s own until one chooses to express it — if you choose not to pass judgment, that is an expression in itself that your opinions are your own. More power to you!

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    • When we speak publicly, all kinds of thought waves follow. I will be a bit harsher on the President, in the next segment of this post. We live in an age when EVERYTHING one says is regarded as one’s personal opinion, even when another person is quoted. Thanks for your support, Janet.


  4. Your beliefs are yours. Your path is yours. Your opinion is yours. No one’s mind has ever been changed by getting yelled at and criticized.
    It’s ironic how people think that passing judgment on someone else serves a purpose.

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    • People, like my faithful critic, who responded to your comment, often have scorching feelings about what is going on. My own fire is quieter, but just as hot, and as I mentioned, I would oppose any act of hate towards a person of colour with active defense of that person.


  5. It’s pretty easy from the perspective of a remote and safe observatory to in theory say that you are above condemning Trump! You won’t feel a thing when his victims are victimized, but you will have your hollow, empty theory about the stance you take! That morality is shallow and bloodless!

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  6. Hi Gary, You must be doing something right to get attacked! It is only when we clearly state our beliefs that others have the choice to accept, reject, attack. Did you mention non-involvement in partisan politics as a reason for not dissing the President? And I agree, I would also choose death rather than relinquish my beliefs. Well put!


  7. Gary, don’t listen to the negativity! Your path is a good and just one. If we all held light and truth and peace in our hearts this world would be a far better place. I do believe that love is a force much stronger that hate!

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  8. Jesus Christ is the Kings of Kings and Lords of Lords! And the devil is already defeated in Jesus Name! Fear not, nor be dismayed for God is with you always my brother! Thanks for sharing! God bless you and keep you through it all! 🙏💯

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  9. You’ve got a friend in me. When it comes to my friends, I will happily engage in discussion or even debate when such is sought, and when it is not, just as happily refrain. I will continue to support and love all the while, either way.

    In the current cultural milieu, whether or not we agree with the politics of those that use them, we see certain manipulative psychological tactics employed, sometimes unintentionally, when it comes to life and politics. This seems justifiable to some people, whereas to others it seems to degrade and erode the culture we’re allegedly trying to build.

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