The Fast: Day 9- Contemplation

March 10, 2018, Prescott-

My second Fasting Saturday featured the usual early big breakfast, and later in the morning, a visit to Farmer’s Market- important, since I missed last weekend, due to my tax return preparation.  That gave me enough food for the next three fasting meals.  I went to Ms. Natural’s, in early evening, and bought the last of Claudia’s Hungarian mushroom soup, to take home of course.  Wild Iris did not have a paint night, this evening, but I did break the Fast there, then headed back to Home Base.

Living alone gives me a lot of time to spend in either contemplation or in fantasizing.  I much prefer the former.  There is simply too much to be done, and a lot of it is in specialized, precise activities.  I need to know how to meet each challenge, head-on.  Fantasy entertained me, in my loneliness, but never got me far.

So, with the aid of various fasting meditations and reading so much that is inspiring, here and elsewhere, I enjoy this time of looking at matters from several angles.

11 thoughts on “The Fast: Day 9- Contemplation

  1. A friend of mine who trains for different Comic Con events told me he uses the 16-8 rule when he is training. He fasts for 16 hours, and then eats inside that 8 hour block. I tried this with middling results, as I usually found myself getting too hungry, agitated, etc. I like the sunset to sunrise method.

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  2. Fantasy is a nice diversion but you are so right that it doesn’t contribute to growth. Glad your meditations and reading are expanding your mind and allowing you to experience different points of view. The mushroom soup sounds tasty!

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