March 24, 2018, Prescott-

Great minds think for themselves.

300 people marched in our town

of free-thinkers,

a conservative majority,

and a vocal liberal minority.

Today, the conservatives


and folks like me,

who are neither,

walked together,

had mostly civil discussions,

and in the end,

conservatives, liberals

and none of the above

stood together,

in a minute of silence.

There is no one trying

to sell the odious

Victorian-era epithet,

“Children should be seen

and not heard.”

Children should be seen,

taught to think,

and heard.

When what they say

is truth;

when what they  do

is sensible,

they should be believed.

Then, they should be supported.

On the edges of the march route,

there were 3-6 armed civilians.

They were not there to intimidate.

They were there to watch out,

for any crazies.

Ditto for the police

who were present.

One lone man

carried a sign

saying “Abortion is murder.”

He’s largely correct,

but it is not

up to men,

to tell women

how to manage

their own bodies.

It is up to women

to exercise their


This is, though,

a topic for another post.

For now,

I need to remain

clear headed.

I need to remain

available to support

these two generations

of children and youth,

who are taking


for themselves.




Yes, there was a Trump supporter standing with the kids on the Courthouse steps.  There is something about people not being killed, that appeals to each of us.

17 thoughts on “Enough

  1. I’m SO PROUD of the kids who organized today’s marches — they will be the leaders of tomorrow. I hope they can maintain the passion and vision until they are old enough to act on it and come up with a solution.

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    • Unlike many of us in the 1960’s, these students have not grown up with grand materialistic promises, coupled with Victorian expectations to “be seen and not heard”- which always used to rankle my mother, and was a barrier between her and my MIL, much later.


    • There is a definite case of tone deafness, among those who fear the loss of even one aspect of “gun rights” as currently interpreted. No one among the protesters is seriously proposing rescinding the Second Amendment to the U.S.Constitution.


  2. This reminded very much of the days when people marched against the Vietnam war.
    It finally was put to an end after many years and many marches and many dead.
    It does my heart good to see ‘the kids’ actively speaking out for what they believe in.
    Great post Carl, thanks

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