Another New Dawn

March 22, 2018, Prescott-

I got up well before sunrise, as usual, and went about the routine, except that coffee and breakfast waited until after my annual lab work for next Friday’s physical.  I was first in line, so that was an in/out process.

I did something else, with assurance from my spirit guides.  On what would have been my very frugal father’s 91st birthday, I tore up all correspondence from a sweepstakes company and tossed a few other pitches for money that I just don’t have to spare for them.  Dad always honoured his commitments and his obligations, and I walk, as best I can, in his footsteps.  I am assured that all else will follow, as needed.

It was another moment when I got a nice message from a good-hearted new online friend, and pondered my commitments for the rest of this month.  Meditation told me, once again, that my choices are just that, my own.  Nothing can really be imposed on us, except to pass on, when that day comes.

This dawn brought heavy cloud cover to us in Arizona, heavy rains to southern California and yet another heavy snowfall to the Northeast.  Punxsutawney Phil is rolling on the ground, laughing, with his little trick; the groundhog lied.

15 thoughts on “Another New Dawn

  1. Hah! Those sweepstakes can really get you! Yay for simply tearing up the mail they send!As for the others, I make a habit of sending one donation a year to any given organization, picking those that really align with my own values. All other appeals go in the wastebasket, often unopened, and telephone appeals are refused. The fact that they send appeals does not, in my mind, constitute a commitment on my part!

    As for the rains, so far so good — Montecito has survived two nights of heavy rain, and has only one more to go. It’s just beginning to rain here, and we expect heavy rain this afternoon. I have begun to hear that there might be one more storm behind this one, but am hopeful that spring will appear before too much longer!

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  2. Nice article Sir. Personally I am a believer that someone needs to put that groundhog in a frying pan. Being that I enjoyed the read I am going to reblog this article for you. Hopefully it will help cheer up some other folks also. I hope that you and your loved ones are able to have a great weekend.

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  3. Gary, this really is a nice post. It resonates on several levels, peaceful, rather poignant, hopeful, respectful, determined.
    I tried for many years to get a job in Arizona (the calling to get back to the southwest). One I tried for was in Prescott. It seemed like a very nice place. Wishing you and yours a great new week. Teagan

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