Are You Aboard?

April 2, 2018, Prescott-

We are entering a Spring,

when our institutions

seem ready to let us down,

big time.

Are you aboard the train

of friendship?

Are you riding in the car

of community?

We, the people

stand a chance

of surviving anything

the powers that be

throw at us,

if we ride together,

if we stand together.

Are you aboard?

13 thoughts on “Are You Aboard?

  1. Very true — but what if the powers that be send confusing messages — we approve of pot, but the Feds don’t; we approve of immigration but the Feds kill DACA and want a wall instead; we want clean air, but the Feds loosen the auto emission standards and threaten ours — and so on! Friendship and community sometimes become a bit murky!

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