Love vs. Romance

April 11, 2018, Prescott-

It’s no secret, among those who know me, that I am a loving soul.  I have no reason to despise anyone, among my wide circle, either in real time or online, and disagreements about politics or religion cannot negate that, at least on my end.

I have had only two real romantic relationships in  my life.  One lasted a whopping three months, in 1972-going nowhere, because of my immaturity.  The other, as most know, was durable, a thirty-year courtship/marriage, cemented by adversity and challenges.  My lover became my angel, my spirit guide.

Of course, like many who go through the trauma of loss, there were a couple of cases, after Penny went homeward, where I imagined myself having feelings, above and beyond those of friendship.  Fortunately, for all concerned, these did not go very far.  No harm, no foul.  Both women have fallen off my radar screen, so I hope they are okay.

Right now, other than an occasional message from someone who imagines herself having post-traumatic feelings for yours truly (also not going anywhere), romance and I live separate lives.  I enjoy real friendships with several women, across ages, faiths, political mindsets and national boundaries, and very much like it that way.

Friendship has the strictures of honesty, loyalty and mutual respect.  Romance, if it does not remain rooted in mutual respect, becomes toxic. Therein lies the fallacy of an affair that comes solely as the result of trauma-based illusion.  I thank my loving angel, for guiding me away from the toxic.

22 thoughts on “Love vs. Romance

  1. A group of true friendships ks the basis of a healthy life — the more the better. One can live quite happily without ‘romance’ — but not without friendships! I’m glad to hear all is going well for you, as it is for me!

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  2. I have my Sparky and I’m wonderfully in love. If I were to lose him I doubt I’d seek out a romantic relationship. I have to agree that having a true friend is far superior any transient romantic entanglement.

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  3. Probably I am still young and naive but I understand your point of view about love and friendship. Unfortunately I believe in love and respect…And in understanding of the other. Romance can be only an aspect of love and often it depends how are people.

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  5. In my teenage I used to think sex is all that matters and for it people marry. Now I increasingly lealize sex has nothing to do with having sweet relationships.

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