April 13, 2018, Prescott-

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

Truth be told,

I’ve not had

an unlucky day

when the workweek

ends on a day

named “thirteen”.

Today will be interesting, though.

There is a cold snap,

of sorts.

Several people mentioned

last night,

that they needed to bring

their plants inside.

The temps did dip

into the twenties.

Three days ago,

it was 85/47.

This coming Sunday,

it’s back into the 70’s.

Then, the bouncing begins,

for a few fun days,

back and forth.

Mother Natureย  is

acting like the Stock Market.

(Dear friends across the north,

stay safe.ย  It may seem hard

to fathom, but there will be

a summer this year.)

9 thoughts on “Spikes

  1. We seem to be having a bounce between summer (90 degrees a couple of days ago) and winter (65 predicted for today! I hope it decides soon, but I also hope that 90 is a high for a while! Hmm — that’s an interesting comparison with the stock market!

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