Sudden Leghold

June 9, 2018, Montreal- 

I will remain here. In a mostly majestic city, for two more days, and possibly three.

No details, and I am safe. In fact, thanks to the Grand Prix that is taking place here, I am alone in a big, empty palace.No one else wanted it, and I had no place else to go, so here I am, for one night. Tomorrow, it’s back to a hostel. I am without a computer, for several days, so The 2018 Road series is on hold.  No details beyond that, for the time being. I am safe. I have a car that works  and now, I am going to sleep. See you tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “Sudden Leghold

  1. I read you account on FB – so glad you are safe and that everything can be replaced. Too bad the young man who committed the crime has not yet had to face justice. If the law doesn’t get him I do believe in divine retribution – it just takes a little longer…

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