Dear Thug

June 10, 2018, Montreal-

You thought you got the drop on me, yesterday, waiting until I was far enough away from my car that I didn’t hear the smashing of window glass, did not witness you taking my seven-year-old laptop and my passport. To the extent you thought of me at all, you probably imagined a terified, whimpering American tourist, who was wondering “Oh, whatever shall I DO?”.

So, let’s get real about what this means, for each of us. I spent The rest if my Saturday being assisted by your better neighbours: A confident and dedicated young police officer, who knows her role in society, far better than you know yours; a strong, but gentle, young man who is a Muslim, by the way, and who carefully and diligently removed the bulk of the glass you left in my car, following your act of rage; two hostel workers who called around, for a space for me, to no avail. It is one of Montreal’s signature weekends, after all: Formula One Grand Prix.

Today, I am back at my favourite place to stay in Montreal. I made my car fitted with protection from the elements. I gave back to the young people who have so gracefully welcomed me into their community. I got a fine haircut from Irina. I am singing along to Eddie Vedder’s “I’m Still Alive”. Tomorrow, I will move forward, with new glass on my car windows and clearance from my government, to cross back into the land of my birth. In two years’ time, I will be back in Montreal.

So what of you? Perhaps, you are bragging to your friends and associates, about how you took advantage of a stupid Yankee. You may find someone who can break my laptop’s encryption and enable you, or your “employer”, to read my posts, to harass me or, God forbid to use the device for more nefarious purposes. You may try to sell my passport to the wide world of imposters. You will, in the long of it, fail. You are probably well-known to the Montreal Police Department, and the young officer took evidence with her. You are certainly known, at least in terms of your actions, by the people who live around McGill University. Their patience is running thin.

So, we both move forward. I will continue to live a life that values people and a Higher Power. You have a choice to make. Give up what is not yours or face one element or another, of civil society.

13 thoughts on “Dear Thug

  1. I’m so sorry to see this post, Gary. I hope that the passport, if sold, will be considered invalid, and not allow your thug or others entry to this country. And I hope the information on your computer is sufficiently protected that credit cards and other more personal information will be protected. In the meantime, enjoy a new computer, return safely to the US, and enjoy the rest of your trip!

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  2. So sorry to hear about this! We have been through a similar experience in Central America. Heartbreaking when people choose a life of crime, both for themselves and their victims. Take care and blessings to those who helped you out. ❤

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  3. I’m so sorry this happened to you, Gary.

    This must be a bad period of time for Sagittarians who were born on William Blake’s birthday.

    Last week I got physically assaulted by a junkie high on drugs at a public transit train station and had my glassses broken.

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  4. That is a very positive post Gary. I didn’t know you were born in Montreal! 😮 So that is how you have a Canadian connection.
    I hope the Montreal police will be able to catch the man who did this to you. But most of all, I am glad you were able to rise above the situation. I would have been shivering!!!


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