The 2018 Road, Days 30-32: A Break from Driving

June 24-26, 2018, Spring Hill, FL-

This is a photo-less,  nearly driving-free post.  I spent Sunday night in Ocala, a good stopping place en-route to/from the Nature Coast and points further down Florida’s mid-Gulf region.  Other than being tailgated around a church parking lot, by an older man who demanded to know what I was doing there, Ocala was a friendly enough place.

I got to my in-laws’ house, in Spring Hill, around 10:30.  Fortunately, W was home and Mother was up and dressed.  These three days were largely spent watching old movies (TCM) and coddling the two dogs.

I did get a couple of dips in the salubrious pool, with Bella (younger dog) happily joining in the splashing and laps.  Her more cautious “older brother” was content to lay around and watch us.

The most momentous thing that happened was that I bought this laptop, its mouse and case. The device is lighter weight than the War Horse was, and thus easier to tote around.  Nevertheless, I found myself missing the Lenovo and hoping it is at least being used for peaceful purposes, if it is even still running.

The weather was a bit on the tortuous side, so none of us spent much time outdoors. W went to visit her horses, but unlike in December, I did not join her.  AC becomes addicting.  We took all of our meals at home.  Mother appreciated that part.

It’s been a peaceful break from the road. I will head out tomorrow again, with my goal being  the middle of South Carolina, by evening.

15 thoughts on “The 2018 Road, Days 30-32: A Break from Driving

  1. Nice area to hang out in! I lived in Pasco County area for 16 years down in Zephyrhills, working in our family RV sales, an interesting time in my life. If my memory weren’t like Swiss cheese, I might do a book on that period 🙂

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  2. I was too busy working then to see much, though I remember seeing Weeki Wachee as a kid once. We actually lived in Crystal Springs where Zephyrhills Water is pumped from to be bottled but that name was taken. We enjoyed the Springs as a recreation area too until they closed it down for that purpose and only used it for pumping, which really took away from the locals as a beautiful place to enjoy. It was time to go, for sure.

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