December 17, 2018, Prescott-

This time of year always seems to feature a battle between those who just want to celebrate and share the good things in life, and those disquiet, greedy people, whose only satisfaction comes from depriving others of their possessions.

I’ve already spoken of the larger entities in our midst, and how they are robbing hard-working people, as we speak.  There are also scammers-among whom are those whose outstretched hands appear on our screens, wanting money for one questionable cause or another.

In 2011, while I was still reeling from my loss, someone got the drop on me and appealed to my sense of compassion, getting a small portion of my available funds,  This ended up inconveniencing a couple of family members, who ponied up what I needed.  I was glad to reimburse them, in relatively short order.

This sort of thing is damaging, both to my credibility and to my sense of fair play.  So, it is with the utmost caution that I am rejecting any requests for funds, without first doing uber diligence.  The season is rife with both deserving and rapacious people. 2011’s difficulties, still unpaid by the “borrower”, foreshadowed what could happen again, if that lesson had been lost on me.

It hasn’t been.

11 thoughts on “Foreshadowing

  1. I donate to credible organizations throughout the year (Charity Navigator is a good site on which to research the credibility and use of your funds by an organization). At this time of year, though, I only donate to those groups I really know, or have donated to before. The ones that bother me are the half dozen a day who call to set up an appointment for a free estimate of costs!

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  2. I give to a Native American school. My grandmother does, too. As far as “borrowing money goes,” I’ve begged. I’ve given out more than I’ve taken. Still, I got a visitor about a month ago who yelled at me for my request from Putin voice-to-skull and made me jump out of bed. I like the attention. It’s so cool. I want to see those weapons.


  3. The multitude of people with their palms outstretched can be overwhelming. It is very difficult to discern who is legitimate and who the con-artists are… I give to United Way and to a select few that I know will use the money for the purpose advertised!!

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