Trolling, or Triage?

January 7, 2019-

Last night, just before I signed off for the evening, I got a caustic response to a few suggestions I had made, to another blogger’s post.  This sort of thing is a risk that comes with being part of a public network.

While I took the liberty of “unfollowing” that person’s blog, as one should not intrude on another’s space without that person’s consent, I had to ponder her motivation for such an outburst.  She did, after all, ask for “ideas” about her particular dilemma.

There are a couple of possibilities-She may have been in the mood for a “game of gotcha”, though trolling, under the circumstances she described in the post to which I responded, seems rather far-fetched.  More likely, she is looking at the various suggestions made, and winnowing  them out, favouring those that are as close to her comfort zone as possible, while still entailing some effort on her part to solve the problem described therein.

That’s an understandable, human practice, and I daresay we all do that, with regard to some, if not most, issues in our lives.  She pointed out that I didn’t know her schedule, so how could my suggestions fit?  None of us can be inside another’s brain, or heart.  So, we do the best we can, when asked. If our ideas are wide of the mark, well, at least we made an effort.  I will continue to offer ideas to to others, when asked, and can only guarantee that I will be putting some thought and feeling into the process.

No pain, no gain.

19 thoughts on “Trolling, or Triage?

  1. She probably only hears what she wants to. If it works for her, great. However, it is most likely she will surround herself with other immature people who support negative decisions and suffer until she realizes her fault and breaks free.

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  2. I can not imagine you giving any recommendation that is not thoughtful and polite. Your insights show wisdom as does your action to leave her blog. She may just need time to internalize new information.

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  3. Hi Mr Righteousbruin9 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear that you have to experience such thing.
    Unfortunately some people do not appreciate honest feedback. That reminds me of the quote that Paul Arden said “Do not seek praise, seek criticism’. Sometimes criticism can act as a fuel to improve oneself however, you need to be open minded for that, which this blogger seems to not have.
    I think it is best to avoid talking to that person, it is unlikely people would change their ways, especially views which can be sticky as peanut butter!
    Wish you a pleasant new year Sir! 🙂


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