In Abeyance

February 20, 2019-

Much was planned, for tomorrow.

Much is now in abeyance.

People were going to be trained, professionally,

yet our skills are not in abeyance.

School is cancelled, tomorrow.

Learning may, or may not,

be in abeyance.

I may, or may not, facilitate

a spiritual study circle.

Spirit is never in abeyance.

Snow might, or might not fall.

Weather keeps us guessing,

but it is never in abeyance,


2 thoughts on “In Abeyance

  1. So was school cancelled because of snow? We had light rain overnight, and it’s considerably cooler than a day or two ago. Snow was apparently down to 2,500 feet last night, and will be to 1,500 tonight (maybe snow on the flatlands tonight?). I hope you were able to put your cancelled day to good use!

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    • School actually has been cancelled for today. I got more rest this morning, than I have in years. The remainder of the day will include some shoveling, a walk downtown and a conference call, or two. One local friend wants to go snowshoeing-which, to me, will mean the snow stops falling, first. Then I would be glad to go and enjoy the landscape! We are also expecting snow to fall in parts of Scottsdale and Glendale, tonight (those Valley cities have areas that rise above 2,500 feet.)

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