The First of Two

February 21, 2019-

We had the day off.  It was my first snow-related event, since Jeddito, circa 1996.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

So, like anyone who is used to getting up at 4:30 a.m., each workday, I got myself together, looked out the window and saw the approximation of the above; only it was still dark.  I went back to sleep, until 10-ish.

A walk downtown revealed shuttered shops and restaurants, save a couple of enterprising young people, who opened their boss’s deli for the “lunch rush”.  They got all seven of us who were downtown at the time.


The above scene is at the corner of Montezuma and Gurley Streets, across from the Yavapai County Courthouse, whose gazebo is visible, as are its Corinthian pillars.  Many a mild summer night finds this area crowded.  Today, only the die-hards were out.

After a satisfying bowl of soup, I walked back up to Home Base, joined the first of two conference calls, this one an emergency planning update from the Red Cross.  I had to turn down a “get-acquainted” call from a young man, who may be seeking to immigrate here, but such is life. I am not an immigration sponsor, nor am I in any position to fund someone’s life change.

Next up, was clearing paths to the mailbox and street, from both my doors.   Then I focused on spiritual matters.  Having to say “No” isn’t always easy.  The second conference call, about a health-related product, was informative and enjoyable.  I am not into building a sales business, at this point, but I could use the main product for myself.

It’s been decided that, with snow having resumed this evening, after two hours of dim sunshine, we will not be at school tomorrow, either.  The payback is probably working the bookends of Easter, but I can handle that.

I leave you, this evening, with a thought from Press On Coffee House, in Temecula.








3 thoughts on “The First of Two

  1. That WAS a great opportunity for some extra shut-eye! Snow has been reported here in some pretty low spots — you might be familiar with Wildomar, just across the freeway from Lake Elsinore, for example! None here, though we had some pretty chilly rain cells go through. I love the shot of your Courthouse — “black and white and red all over!” I’m glad you have another snow day tomorrow, and hope you can make it as productive as today!

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