The Baby Skunk

September 5, 2019-

Last night, as I was heading to my car port,

a baby skunk got there first.

I don’t know whether baby skunks

have the same lack of control

over their magic weapons

as baby rattlesnakes, so I held back.

The wee one took about six minutes

to check out my carport.

then was chased off,

by one of the feral cats

that live in the back yard.

Cat didn’t smell,

this morning.

So, I guess baby skunks

are not quick to

spray perfume.

8 thoughts on “The Baby Skunk

  1. Hehe! I’m glad you were not perfumed! The babies are capable of spraying but their range isn’t as great nor is the quantity. And of course their aim is not as accurate as the adults… The cat was lucky!!

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    • They were getting into a bucket of birdseed, which the landlord had left sitting out. I turned on my back door light, which spooked them into leaving. The next morning, I put the birdseed in a secure place.


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