When Sex Kills

January 21, 2020, Peach Springs-

There is no mincing words about this: In the name of freedom of speech, three generations of adults are poisoning the well of our children’s spirits-particularly in impoverished communities.  Nowhere is this more apparent, than in communities with a narrow economic base.

The phenomenon of children as young as seven, trading sexual epithets, the coarsest of profanity and actually mentioning pornographic websites, by name, is, to put it mildly, jarring to the spirit.  That they actually understand  what they are saying is even more disquieting.

This is a train of abuses, long in the running, and it is by no means limited to Native American communities.  Sexual deviance was graphically described to me by a very young neighbour, in 2002, in a Phoenix apartment complex. As far back as June, 1980, when I lived in a Flagstaff apartment complex, a band that had been hired to play at a birthday party, in a place where children were out and about, loudly screamed profanity in the course of their “presentation”.  It was viewed, by many of  those present, as “harmless”; “only words”.

I am no prude,  though I have long ago exiled the vernacular word for fornication to its proper place in the graveyard of misbegotten phrases.  I note that even the late, great George Carlin, a champion of adults’ free speech, when among other adults, drew the line at cursing in the presence of children.

Language, though, is not the most harmful aspect of the ongoing tailspin.  Sex education, still properly the purview of  parents, is increasingly becoming the province of the skeevy.  Applications like TikTok are being used by those who wish to prey upon young children.  Other social media sites, not well-monitored by responsible adults, are offering curious and precociously feisty youngsters a diet of unseemly fare that is well beyond their level of true understanding.  As one boy told me today, “it’s more exciting than what’s around here. ”  This is what we face, as communities and as a wider society.

So, the concerns that we educational professionals once had, with regard to teenagers, are now  applicable to kids in primary school.  This is one of America’s wake-up calls.

4 thoughts on “When Sex Kills

  1. In elementary school, two of my friends went into the ditch and one sucked the other’s privates. It isn’t the worst I’ve seen of deviance, as I was in special education and heard horror stories or went to camps with the molested and severely abused. In other countries, it is perfectly legal to have sex with little boys and the army tolerates it because it’s a tradition. The Greeks did it, too. It screws children up, and I’ve seen a lot of the psychological effects. I did myself the first time at 11. I hadn’t even had my period yet. I know that’s uncouth, but it is a serious way of saying it. I had a friend who had sex with a lot of guys who was a genius. Her parents were doctors and never had time for her, so I think she just wanted the attention. She humped trees as well. I had a very interesting childhood. It made me kind of passive. I can’t even go around children for long periods of time now because my voices, or intrusive thoughts, say bad things. I would never touch a child. It’s called POCD. I told my friends and let them decide whether to stick with me. I understood they have young children. I avoid children anyway because I have a psychotic disorder and don’t want to disturb them by yelling or other behavior. I would never touch one. Like I said, I’ve seen the horrible things it does to them.

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    • You have alluded to some of these experiences, in other posts. I am well aware of NAMBLA, and other deviant groups, which have been around for a long time. I worked hard to safeguard children and bring perverts to justice, from 1981-2011. I care no less for today’s children, even as I approach retirement.

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  2. I lament the loss of childhood. Too often children are forced to “grow-up” too soon. I’m not sure of the cause but I can certainly see the effects and they are not pretty or healthy for individuals or society. Perhaps you will be the one able to save the children one at a time.

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    • I have been told by a former client, now grown with her own children, that I made a difference in her life. That was confirmation enough. I have bonded with two sisters, who only want to enjoy their childhood, despite their rough home life. Even if I end up back in Prescott, next week, I will maintain regular contact with people here in Peach Springs, and help them in whatever way I can.


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