Labour of Love

February 7, 2020- 

With a sneer, the self-styled “chief paraprofessional” took issue with my enunciating the first ‘r’ in “February”.  “It’s Feb-YOO-ery.  Learn to speak AMERICAN English”.  With that, all pretense, that the particular school was operating about the welfare of children, went out the window. I left not long afterward.

Many work environments, throughout the world, have taken to minimizing their stated mission, in favour of preserving some sort of falsehood-based alternate agenda, centered on the ego gratification of a certain few.  Ignorance is, then,  more than bliss.  It becomes the soft ground, on which pseudo-institutions are built, and on which they thrive.

There is a strong team of professionals, struggling to save, and rebuild, a school in which I was honoured to have spent time, not too long ago.  What they face is a three-generational climate of self-loathing and learned helplessness.  That some of these professionals have been there for nearly five years, speaks to the strength of the human heart; to the indomitable essence of the human spirit.

I have been an educator for 44 years.  While there are people whom I will admit to having failed, the vast majority have been helped, by the teams of which I was an active part.  The key has always been to love the child, to not give up-ever, to build the patience needed to counter the worst of defeatism.  As I go about northern Arizona, in this, my last calendar year of being a full-time educator, that mindset has not diminished.

Even after retiring, my battle, with ignorance and antipathy towards children and youth, will remain my cornerstone.

10 thoughts on “Labour of Love

  1. Hi Teacher …

    When Ego and Gratification drive a human being, all semblance of humanity is lost. Because they only think about themselves and not about others.

    If we don’t take care of our kids, and show them that they have worth, dignity and self respect, then who’s gonna see the next generation into successful adults? I’ve said before, stick with the ONE who will carry back the message to the others. I think kids and some adults as well, do well, if we are CONSISTENT with our approach.

    Consistent with message and also with action. They might not remember specifics, they WILL remember consistency. That is your greatest asset to them right now. And beyond.

    You’ll need something to do when you retire. Teachers never retire, they just move classroom, to a space much larger and with a lot more light and a personal touch from you. You might want to travel some, but I feel like your presence will be required as long as you see fit to give it. Never say Never Teacher …


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  2. There have always been people (in every field) who have no concept and don’t know what they are talking about. Son#1 had an educator send him to sit in the hall because he called her out when she said that a Panda was a bear. He insisted that it wasn’t and she told him he was wrong… Of course he was right but she was unwilling to admit her error. She didn’t do herself or him any favors. His take away was to question everything a teacher said as he lost all trust that teachers were smarter than he was. To this day he is brilliant and knowledgeable in many areas but most of it is self taught. I suppose he couldn’t rationalize paying lots of money for college when he felt the educators were shams….

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