Is It Slumber?

February 6, 2020-

What is it, when we watch and listen,

seeing and hearing only what confirms

the sights and sounds of our own private silo?

What is it, when a child cries out for help,

and those around just say,

“That’s the way it’s always been, here”.

What is it, when one follows the path of least resistance,

with a self-directed message,

that comfort has been earned.

Is it living to fight another day?

Is it being prudent?

Is it emotional triage?

Or, is it slumber?

4 thoughts on “Is It Slumber?

  1. Interesting. I think some like to fight while others prefer a safer route. I’ve always been energetic and curious, willing to give it my all due to desperation. I have a friend who is slower than I am in the head, and she’s beaten me in everything–and many others. She took the path of least resistance. I think patience is a virtue and so is telling people off.

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