Nine Years On

March 5, 2020-

As my dear love got ready to go on to her next spiritual journey, I was driving with our son to her hospice.  Random road construction set us back, about three minutes.  As we got to the door of the facility, a slight spiral of air brought leaves and dust upward, on an otherwise still morning. I knew she was not able to hang on, any longer.

It’s been nine years, since that hard March morning.  Each anniversary since, I’ve taken stock of where I am.  The bottom line is that I am able, in general, to do what she and my other spirit guides tell me is necessary.  I feel her presence, constantly.

There has been a fair amount of travel involved, to accomplish the goals that she and I had set for our later years.  There are both family (biological and extended) visits and journeys on behalf of our shared Baha’i Faith.  There are acts of service to the developmentally disabled, whose education was Penny’s life’s work.  There is embracing  a community, in its pursuit of sustainable culture.  There is facing down all the negative forces that threaten the lives, and livelihoods, of so many-from the capriciousness of politics and finance, to the mind games that play out in interpersonal relationships.

These things always concerned Penny and sometimes “drove her nuts”.  There was one thing that kept her steady, even in the darkest of days:  Her faith in God and a knowledge that Creation, in its many forms, was eternal.  No corrupt financier, feckless school administrator or greedy medical practitioner ever kept her from realizing her goals.

To this day, I hold all the lessons of her life, dear to my heart.

10 thoughts on “Nine Years On

  1. Sorry for your loss.
    Whatever you are doing, has kept you going, and not give up.
    Penny has been a beautiful soul beside you. That even in death, she is still beside you. ❤
    You are a valuable lesson to me too, not give up on life. No matter what comes our way.

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  2. It is amazing when one finds a true soul mate. Your continued devotion to your beloved Penny is meritorious, sets an example for grief with loss and finding meaning in going one.

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  3. Hello Seeker,

    That way you speak of Penny and what she means to you today and every day, is beautiful. In life, she must have been one serious woman with a mission. You have been, for me, a man who makes me think. And at certain point, Penny comes to your mind, which means to me, that even today, she is a spirit guide for you. She must have been amazing in life, if she, today, is that great a guide to you now. You “remember who she is” and that;s all that matters. Keep doing what you are doing, like others above have already said. We are following.


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  4. One enduring memory of the day of Penny’s memorial service that was similar to the wind that came up, was when Aram got up to speak and the pictures fell off the board. I think everyone in the room let out a gasp and knew something very profound was in play in that room. She lives through you brother, and she inspires you to continue forward, until your last breath, to do good things.

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