The Promise of Palms

April 5, 2020-

A nonet, if you will:

The murmur of the crowd gathered strength

The tall, gentle man walked gamely

His route was roofed by palms

Fronds touched His fair head

Joy was the crowd’s

He was there!



A nonet begins with a line of nine syllables, losing a syllable in each subsequent line, and finishing with one syllable.  As today is Palm Sunday, this is a gift for my Christian family and friends



8 thoughts on “The Promise of Palms

  1. Hello Teacher,

    For the first time in my living memory, churches were empty in Montreal. And if you know anything about Montreal, is that we are a city of a thousand churches. Holy Week without worship is very sad indeed. Even if churches here are live streaming services of a priest in an empty church saying mass for their people.

    Our lock down has been extended another 29 days till May 4th. And we’ve been already locked down since March the 12th. UGH … This is starting to wear on nerves in my home. Not a good sign at all.

    And Trump wants special dispensation so that he can pack churches full of congregants on Easter Sunday even knowing how many people have died and those who will die inside the next week ! And he wants stadiums full of spectators and the nation open, but fuck all the people who are sick, suffering and have already died.

    We need to pray for a miracle. Fast.

    Thank you for your message tonight. Hope you and yours are safe and well.


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    • Packing churches, thus pretty much guaranteeing an upsurge in infections, will also guarantee he will be evicted from WH in 1/21. Yes, I was in Montreal in 2018, and saw several churches.


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