Change Surely Is A Constant

April 6, 2020-

Several people are trying to circulate chain posts around social media. I don’t copy and paste anything, verbatim, as hackers are sometimes behind the posts.  I do note what is making the rounds, though, and one of the most popular items has been a listing of what has changed, in the last five weeks.

I will hold off on making my own list.  We have a way to go, yet, before all is said and done.  I do have a sense that only the most durable and equitable of institutions will still be standing, five years-or even five months, from now.  There will still be banks, and probably credit unions, as we need a medium of exchange to maintain commerce.  There will still be government, hopefully one based on the rule of law.  There will still be regular communication, as we are a social species and will figure a way to keep in touch, even in the absence of what we have now. There will still be goods and services, including restaurants and cafes, for the reason I just mentioned.  Most of all, there will still be the human spirit-alive, well and forward-looking.

We have miles to go, and eons to live.

8 thoughts on “Change Surely Is A Constant

  1. Having not seen those chain lists, I have nothing to say about the changes except that it will definitely be a different world. As you say, there will be some institutions that remain, but many will have left us. I certainly hope there will be some sense of community as well as robust communications — we’ll need that more than ever!

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  2. Hello Teacher,
    How are you and your today? We’ve embarked on another few weeks of lock down this week UGH.

    Change, what will change? Well, Montrealer’s, it has been said yesterday by the Premier, that among North American cities, we have been the best at following health directions. We do have high lists and we get stats today, but for the most part we have been complaint.

    Our folks began this drama with leeriness about their neighbors. Leery of buses and metros, leery about each other in public places. now we hardly see anyone outside unless you are going to the store. I think we will see a more concerted effort to remain separated in public space. We may loose a great number of small businesses, which is sad. But that trend began long before the drama began.

    People have been good to their neighbors, and I might oft to say that maybe we, as a city will be more attentive to the needs of others in the long run. More attentive to each other in general. When I moved here 18 years ago, the one thing that struck me was the way people DID pay attention to each other and were kind and respectful. The (queue-ing at bus stops and in the metro) people, it seemed were looking out for each other even way back then. I think that may happen here as well.

    The way we do life will certainly change, but I could not tell you what that will crystallize into just yet. But I think the world will change even if governments do not, it is us who suffered and sacrificed, and in that sacrifice we wil be reborn into what God intends us to be don’t you agree ?

    Hope you and your are safe and well today.


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    • I see that there will be business closures, for a time. In the long term, though, I see a reversion towards small businesses and the gradual decline of Big Box enterprises. The culture of caring will also thrive, handsomely, after this crisis ends.


  3. I was surprised to see that in Indiana pawn shops are designated as “essential” businesses. I guess when times get tough the pawn brokers will make money…
    The only chains I’ve seen are the ones asking you to post a photo from your phone – either a color or a place or a favorite event….

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    • There are all kinds: Folk cures for COVID19; raunchy humour about cheap toilet paper; and the very repettitve games, like th eone you mentioned, with multiple requests to play the game, over and over.


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