April 7, 2020-

I have to say this:  I don’t believe that the current virus is a contrived conspiracy to break people’s spirits, so a tyrant can take over.  I have heard this very thing, in so many words, from across the political spectrum.  It’s become a “fill-in-the-blank” exercise, with everyone from the current U. S. President to the Boards of Directors of major pharmaceutical companies being blamed.

That said, the race to see who can postpone public events the furthest out is getting out of hand.  It is giving credence to conspiracy theorists, when the science (if there is any) behind delaying even small events,scheduled for August and September, until November, is not being explained to the people on the street.

If the confidence and cooperation of the public at large is what is desired, then they cannot be treated like mushrooms-kept in the dark, with a diet of dung.  Too many decisions are not communicated well.

I am a very patient man, but if our leaders want the public trust, more had better start explaining their decisions in a clear and concise manner.  People like Queen Elizabeth II and the Governor of Kentucky are able to explain harsh decisions clearly.  Let’s see more do the same.

6 thoughts on “Endurance

  1. Gov. Cuomo and, in particular, Gov. Newsom have shown great leadership qualities. Both are now providing daily news conferences delineating their states’ needs with real backup information that is clear and concise. Newsom today indicated his leadership in sharing equipment and materials where the need is greatest, and implying that other states have agreed to have our back if/when needed. Clear, articulate, strong, straight forward — I was quite impressed! I will listen to the two of these governors before I will listen to the President when I need good information and good decisions.

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  2. The clarity is coming from local governments instead of at the federal level. The vacuum of leadership is highlighting new faces of reason and clarity and giving us a peek at the people with the strength and compassion to step up when the time comes…

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    • It’s been said that we will emerge from this morass with newer, younger leaders. The presidential race won’t reflect that this year, but whoever is in the White House, come January, will likely be irrelevant to the recovery process. As you say, the leadership is local.


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