The Long and the Short of It

April 11, 2020-

There are an ebb and a flow of sentiments about the current state of affairs on our shared planet.  People I  respect and admire are basing their decisions about what should happen in their jurisdictions on what is happening on the ground-and on what their local health care advisers are seeing as projected peaks of infection and hospitalization, in those jurisdcitions.  For some, who acted early, there may be cause to gradually ease restrictions.  For others, who have proceeded with extreme caution, owing to concerns about constitutional rights, there is a slow move towards amping up restrictions.

In the short term, I will remain in place, not traveling out of my Quad Cities (Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt) area, and within it only to tend to such matters as basic purchases, some support of local restaurants and deliveries to needy families.  This, I see as necessary until at least May 31.  Others may be so stir crazy, that they break out and start moving around, after the end of April, but that’s their choice, not mine.

Longer term, I will be evaluating my choices, based on how things are on the ground, at the time.  I don’t plan on caving to any sort of pressure-whether to jump back into the old routines, as if nothing ever happened or to “get vaccinated, or else be confined to home, in perpetuity”.  This last is coming from those who have a lot to gain, financially, from a heavy schedule of vaccination (which MAY well contain such lovely elements as mercury, lead and arsenic).  There is also mention, from these same people, of the desirability of microchipping the citizenry, but that’s a fight that will be waged another day.  Any vaccination to which I agree will be safe, and limited in series.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but neither am I a sheep.  In the days ahead, each of us will find ourselves more responsible than ever, in determining the course of our own lives.  Every premise on which our modern lives have been based, at least since the end of World War II, is now coming into question.  Some of our institutions will survive; others will not.  How well we arise and work together, regardless of ideology, creed or social status, will determine the long game’s outcome.

2 thoughts on “The Long and the Short of It

  1. Happy Easter Teacher

    In our corner of the world, every day, is a tentative step. Our future’s, as we are told by those who know, is in our hands. I don’t think any decisions will be made about the future state of Montreal, until at least the 4th of May. The Provincial government has been working on 21 day assessments. Whether or not things change, all depends on the raw numbers at each review point.

    The Summer is going to suck, as ALL Social events, Gatherings, Festivals, The Grand Prix, “Everything” has been cancelled through August the 31st. If you are coming this way, that’s what we have to look forwards to at this point. Nobody is taking ANY chances with public health. Better to be safe than sorry.

    We all know the pessimistic and the optimistic visions of the future. We’ve all seen the raw data, and like I said above, what happens is directly related and will respond to HOW we each act in or own ways, to curb disease, to safe keep our community, and care for each other.

    Sadly, the long term care centers across the board, here in Quebec, and in all of Canada, and sorely in the U.S. our elders are dying exponentially, in very high numbers, and the government has kicked into high gear to secure the lives of those elders who are dying daily. This is a VERY dire situation.

    The questions like “What is the future going to look like” or “Will we ever RETURN to what we had?” or “What will normal look like after the fact?” are being bandied about all over. And nobody has the answer to any of those questions. Some in Ottawa say that this reality is going to bring about a new appreciation for social respect and community. That we will have learned to care more for each other and move into a more egalitarian way of living.

    The normal we knew has been shattered. We will never return to what was, because of the sheer fact that we have all come to see ourselves in true color, being locked up at home for so long. And if introspection has shown us anything about ourselves, we just cannot return to the way life was, because when the doors finally open and we stand together outside for the first time, the world will have changed irreparably. There won’t be a return, but an awakening into what has occurred for all of us.

    Happy Easter.

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    • No, there will not be a return to greed, oneupmanship and exclusionary behaviour, though some will try-both on the far left and far right. Those who thrive on division and discord will end up occupying the dustbin of history, the way the Bourbon royals and the twentieth century Fascists and Communists did. So, too, will the neo-Fascists, who feign authority and superior knowledge, end in failure. Only those who see the imperative of cooperation and dedication to the good of all, will prevail. As for my next visit anywhere outside of this Home Base, the good of the whole will determine when and where. Y
      Yes, may your Eastertide be blest, Jeremy.


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