The Javelins and the Olive Branches


May 3, 2020-

I will say a few things, straight out:  I am a regular user of natural medicines, certified therapeutic grade essential oils and organic foods (80 % of my diet is GMO-free. I also will accept only those vaccinations that are “clean”.  I recognize we need to start somewhere, in building herd immunity to COVID19, and whatever other diseases may surface, over the next many years.  We do NOT, however, need to start with 76 different vaccines, nor do we need our serums laden with mercury, arsenic or formaldehyde.  The shots I’ve taken, willingly, throughout my life, and those that were administered to my child, on our watch, were not more than 19 in number.  To the best of my recollection, they did not contain heavy metals.  The only other issue I would have with Corporate Immunization is the notion , so far just speculation, that authorities could ban people from engaging in commerce or travel, should they fail to have current immunization records on file.  Such a law would not end well , for those who enact it.

I am staying neutral in the present election cycle.  This has not endeared me to some on the Left.  So be it.  These are people who know my heart, and know full well that I do not support the politics of fear or hate.  They  cussed, fussed, fumed and walked out the door, anyway.  That door remains open, to anyone who does not threaten me, or my loved ones.  I would also recommend, to both sides, that no harm be done to any of the candidates for office, or their families-but that is a concern for law enforcement.

Fact is, ladies and gentlemen, we need one another.  Left, right, up, down and sideways-and those of us in the center, all have ideas and personal qualities that benefit everyone else.  Without the ideas of the progressive wing, we would not have the inclusion of diverse groups that make our society all the richer.  Only the usual characters would continue to dominate government, commerce and academia.  Without the due consideration of conservative values, we would have no rudder to steer this ship through some rather treacherous straits, and would very well risk being at the mercy of demagogues, for whom ideas are more important than people.

For both sides, though, there is a danger of demagoguery- as the recent histories of several countries have shown us.  There is also the classic mirror:  The French Revolution, which started with the overthrow of an incompetent monarchy, proceeded through a Reign of Terror, in which a free for all resulted in the executions of the very people who led the overthrow of the monarchy-and paved the way for Napoleon Bonaparte, followed by Louis XVIII, then the Citizen King, then Napoleon III.  How that worked out for the benefit of the French people is highly debatable.

I love and cherish friends and family at all points on the political spectrum.  All I ask is that there be a conscious effort to stop demonizing those opposite oneself, as well as those of us in between.


The Long and the Short of It


April 11, 2020-

There are an ebb and a flow of sentiments about the current state of affairs on our shared planet.  People I  respect and admire are basing their decisions about what should happen in their jurisdictions on what is happening on the ground-and on what their local health care advisers are seeing as projected peaks of infection and hospitalization, in those jurisdcitions.  For some, who acted early, there may be cause to gradually ease restrictions.  For others, who have proceeded with extreme caution, owing to concerns about constitutional rights, there is a slow move towards amping up restrictions.

In the short term, I will remain in place, not traveling out of my Quad Cities (Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey-Humboldt) area, and within it only to tend to such matters as basic purchases, some support of local restaurants and deliveries to needy families.  This, I see as necessary until at least May 31.  Others may be so stir crazy, that they break out and start moving around, after the end of April, but that’s their choice, not mine.

Longer term, I will be evaluating my choices, based on how things are on the ground, at the time.  I don’t plan on caving to any sort of pressure-whether to jump back into the old routines, as if nothing ever happened or to “get vaccinated, or else be confined to home, in perpetuity”.  This last is coming from those who have a lot to gain, financially, from a heavy schedule of vaccination (which MAY well contain such lovely elements as mercury, lead and arsenic).  There is also mention, from these same people, of the desirability of microchipping the citizenry, but that’s a fight that will be waged another day.  Any vaccination to which I agree will be safe, and limited in series.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but neither am I a sheep.  In the days ahead, each of us will find ourselves more responsible than ever, in determining the course of our own lives.  Every premise on which our modern lives have been based, at least since the end of World War II, is now coming into question.  Some of our institutions will survive; others will not.  How well we arise and work together, regardless of ideology, creed or social status, will determine the long game’s outcome.