Paradise and Change

April 20, 2020-

As I bid farewell to my Baha’i friends, after the Zoom call that commemorated the First Day of Ridvan, I found a message, essentially telling me I was part of a greater problem, for having attended the Holy Day observance.

Ridvan is Persian for “paradise”.  The Garden of Ridvan was a salubrious place, just outside Baghdad.  In 1863, Baha’u’llah and His family were preparing to obey the edict of the Ottoman Empire’s Sultan, and depart Baghdad for Constantinople (Istanbul).  They camped in Ridvan Garden for twelve days, April 21-May 2. As we use a lunar calendar, called the Badi Calendar, to reckon our Holy Days, the actual dates may fluctuate, as they have this year. So, today is the Festival’s first day and May 1, the twelfth day.  In between, there is a commemoration of the ninth day, during which Baha’u’llah revealed His Station, as Messenger of God, to His family and camp followers. We Baha’is commemorate all three days, as sacred.

No one who knows me really thinks I sit around and am content to merely observe ritual or tradition.  At the same time, observing special occasions with friends is NOT wrong, nor is it wasteful.  There are those, however, who feel it their duty to savage people, for whatever reason they have cooked up in their minds.  My inclination is to not let their diatribes turn me aside from what I know to be my spiritual path.  One of my spiritual advisers urges me to stay on my path, and I’m sure that. were I to consult the others, they would agree.

There will, no doubt, be many changes coming our way, in the immediate future and throughout this decade.  The 24/7 nature of our news and communications have many people in an uproar. Some will make risky choices and suffer for them, possibly taking others down with them.  Others will want to make choices FOR others, offering to take control of many lives-“in the name of scientific progress”.   I will, as I’ve said recently, make my own choices and they will take both my needs, and those of the multitude whom I love, into consideration.  For that matter, I will consider the safety and well-being of those who attack me, as well.  God created them, too, even if they don’t see it.

This has been a year of meticulously taking one day at a time-and it will continue as such, well after COVID19 has subsided.

8 thoughts on “Paradise and Change

  1. Freedom of religion dictates that one should be allowed to observe the beliefs and rituals of their chosen faith. That does NOT make you part of any problem — on the other hand, it makes your critic part of whatever problem he/she perceives. We are all entitled to our beliefs,and should not be kicked off course by hecklers, especially in times of crisis such as this!

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  2. Good Morning Teacher,

    Waited all day for this little moment with you.

    In my world they say several things; such as, behold, when you point a finger at someone else, there are four others pointing back at you. The one who casts stones or aspersions, has more to say about their own behavior, rather than yours, jealousy breeds contempt.

    And finally, my father’s favorite saying, he said it often, even if he did not take his own advice, ever …thus, “Once you speak words, you can never take them back” I would then add to this saying … be careful the words you speak, because they will harm you more than the person you are casting aspersions at.

    I did not see a problem, and when I first read that sentence, I was like, ??? What problem? You belong to a faith tradition, and you are a faithful observer AND participant of that tradition. What does it matter to anyone else, your practice. Me thinks, someone might not possibly hold a candle to your reverence or respect? Therefore they need to call you out on particulars. Things that make me go hmmmm….

    I know, in my travels that the dog who barks the loudest has the most to hide … My father barked a lot.

    Do not allow someone into your sacred space that does not add to that experience. We then get to show mercy and love, even if others are no so deserving of it. We’ve all fallen short of the glory, they say!

    You know who to gather with, and those who build you up and support you. Keep them close, protect them and build them up. ill winds are blowing and following the wrong messenger could be fatal in these trying times. I also agree with the many things you’ve written over the past few days. Enough to ponder over, but not comment.

    Those who have eyes, see the path, and those who see the path will lead those who don’t. There will be many voices clamoring for control, persuasion, and ego. Stay awake and listen.

    Those who think they can speak, will attempt to do so, to gather their troops and make a stand. They will fail miserably, when they realize, that some of us know better, and see and follow the light, which you stated earlier to follow. You know what to do when the storm rises in the desert right ? Find the nearest cave and buckle down and wait it out. Do not carry too much baggage because that will only slow you down. Take only that which you need, because what you think you might need, is not, and what IS needed will be provided from sources not of this realm. I believe that guides are watching, and they know, and I believe without a doubt that if the time ever came, they would appear. I know this in my heart. I’ve held on to that belief for many a year now, and it has never failed me, in times of great strife, as we are currently experiencing.

    Be at Peace teacher.


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    • Everything you say here is true, Jeremy! The exact quote from the Bagavad Gita mentions three fingers are pointing back-but, no matter. My spirit guides are telling me the same-“You will be well tended, as you have been up to now.”. Peace and solace be upon you.


  3. Ah Gary – do not give the naysayers a second thought. They only want to disturb your calm and peace. All who know you know that you are a man of principles and action. You put into action all that you hold dear. You examine your own motives to make corrections or perfect your course. Indeed you must stay the course and ignore the bullies!

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