Staying My Course

April 19, 2020-

Sitting in my comfortable abode, I am pondering the various reactions to both COVID-19 and to the policies that have arisen in its wake.  I base my own responses, to the cacophany of  ideas, pleas and outright demands that people are making, of one another and of the powers that be, on my inner voice and on the messages from my spirit guides.

1.  Isolate, or sally forth-  Many say:  Stay put, you’re old and at risk!  Others say:  Don’t let the “guvmint” tell you what to do.  Get out and enjoy life!!   Me:  I have lots to do around Home Base, for now.  I can get out, just a bit, support restaurant friends and the Farmers’  Market, with take out orders, wash my clothes and take a nature walk, now and then.  I will hang close to home, until at least June 1.

2.  Get tested, or lie low-   Mainstream health activists say:  Get tested!  Some add:  What’s so terrible about getting microchipped?  Others say:  Don’t trust Big Pharma-or the Gates Foundation!! Diet and exercise will suffice.  Me:  I will get tested, if the public health experts mandate testing for the whole populace.  I would only get vaccinated IF there was a guarantee that no human body parts were used in the serum, not to mention any heavy metals (Mercury, lead, etc.) .  I will never agree to be Microchipped.  I do have a predominately organic diet, free of GMOs and use only natural supplements, derived from therapeutic grade essential oils.

3.  Open society back up, or extend restrictions-  We basically see that ultraconservatives and people of colour are in rare agreement, in demanding that society open back up, immediately.  Watching white supremacists and Native American activists say the same thing is quite fascinating.  The Other Side says everything from:  “Give this two or three more months” to “Whatever we do, let’s not open schools back up until the vaccine is ready-even if it’s August, 2021.  In fact, let’s keep everything shut down until that day comes.”  This scenario-partly pragmatic, but mostly fear-based, is wishful thinking, and would probably require martial law  in order to be effected.  Me: I go with 1-2 more months, with society gradually opening up, in the meantime.  Schools ought to carefully re-open- one month late, in places, in September, of THIS year.

These are my humble responses, or additions, to the cacophany.



6 thoughts on “Staying My Course

  1. An interesting post, Gary — My reactions to your first two points are similar to yours — I have had a hard time accepting that I’m in a high risk situation solely because of my age — I’m too healthy to be high risk, but on the other hand I really don’t like the sound of the disease involved, so will stay home. In fact, I’ve been away from home only 4 times in the last six weeks or so, and then only to pick up food!

    I don’t think there is any point in my getting tested — I’ve been at home, with only my own germs, for long enough that I doubt I’ve had any exposure. And I’m certain that I was not sick before the shut down began. There are others who need to be tested far more than I do, and until testing is widely available or required for some other reason, I’ll leave the available tests to those who need them.

    As far as opening up again — I think we need to be extremely cautious as to when and how we do that. I would hope that schools could re=open this fall, but only if that can be done safely for the children. There are perhaps more “essential services” than those currently defined, and those should be opened up in much the same way as the current essential services. Whatever happens, I hope that we will have proper, consistent guidance as to masks, gloves, etc. as a part of self-protection from those who seem not to care.
    Above all, I hope that the election will be held in November, with as universal voting as possible — mail-in voting works well, and should become universal!

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    • The election, at least around here, has been the focus of much speculation by both sides. Each is convinced that the other has something nefarious up its collective sleeve. I was attacked on FB Messenger by one who said I was a blind optimist, for even hinting that we will get through this pandemic. Distrust is a bigger enemy than COVID19, by far.

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      • I believe that we’ll get through the pandemic — but I truly believe that life will not be the same as it was. Optimist perhaps, but tinged with some pessimism too! Many Californians have voted by mail for years, and it works well, without major fraud, etc. If the President shuts down the post office, I hope somebody will see fit to once again resurrect the Pony Express, at least for November!

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  2. I’m waiting on the CDC recommendations. I don’t want to trust my life to a business – concerned as they are with profit above all else. As for vaccines – we inhale more mercury annually than what is in a vaccination. I’m more concerned with the opening of schools and then those children being exposed and bring it back to their parents and grandparents…

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    • The bottom line is prudence. I am still holding the line on the mercury and lead-regardless of what we may or may not inhale. Yes, schools must not be a source of spreading the virus. I am watching the Danish experiment closely, in that regard.


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