No Stones Unturned

April 24, 2020-

“To whom much is given, much is expected.”  I have heard this since childhood, and know that it has applied to me, more often than not.  It has given rise to two key aspects of my personality:  Owning my mistakes and never walking away from a fight.

The first has led me to admit, readily, when I’m wrong, even if it has meant the loss of a job.  That admission has then propelled me to look into WHERE I went wrong and to investigate further into the issue at hand.  When called out, I have to recognize where the critic is correct, but also not take either the information that is being challenged or the critic’s position at face value.  It has quite often ended up with the silver lining of the truth being uncovered.  As ‘Abdu’l-Baha once wrote:  “The shining spark of truth cometh forth only after the clash of differing opinions.”

Standing up to someone who is more aggressive has been ingrained in me, since childhood.  I did walk away, once, from a beat down, when I was in VietNam. That was a matter of not walking into something that would have been detrimental to both me and the individual who was seeking the confrontation.  I would have suffered possible head injuries and he, being on thin ice with the military brass, would have looked at a long stretch in Leavenworth.  He eventually realized that, after a period of harping on my refusal to engage in a bare-knuckled fist fight.

That was an anomaly.  What was consistent is that I didn’t run away crying.  I never have.  Back in Saugus, that would only have brought more trouble down on my head.  Life since then has been much the same.  I’ve had a lot of positive experiences in life, because of  being willing to stand up to aggression. In the process, also, many innocents have been spared-especially when helping abused children speak truth to power.

I think about these tonight, in working to get to the bottom of  some rather deep controversies being sparked by the words of our president-and of some of his critics.  Both sides are tossing brickbats.  I will get hit by some of those, but have no choice other than to go about finding the truth.

4 thoughts on “No Stones Unturned

  1. Hello Teacher,

    The President is Bat Shit Crazy !!

    On National television he tells the people that they might want to try and injecting disinfectants and poison into their bodies to kill the virus, since disinfectants kill viral agents on surfaces within 5 minutes, he is Bat Shit Crazy.

    The only way out now is the 25th Amendment. He is a danger to himself AND the general public health. And needs to be stopped before one of his stupid ignorant followers does just that, injects poison into their body and dies because of it. But Trump won’t take responsibility for any of this because it isn’t his problem to solve, we know that now, Covid 19 is not his problem to solve.

    All he cares about is Money, Stocks, and HIS Bottom line, and his Supposed Re-election in November.

    As for confrontation, i stay away from it like a hot stove. In sobriety there are lots of assholes and elbows, and rather go head to head with ignorant people, I just walk away instead of having a full on blow out. I’ve had to confront assholes before in the rooms, and that did not end well. Because people with lots of time think they are smarter than the rest of us, and I find that they are seriously disadvantaged spiritually and mentally.

    Having an abusive father who tormented me my whole life, I learned early on, not to go barking up the wrong tree, and a good thing too, because had I retaliated against him on several beating occasions, I probably would have ended up in prison for murder. Thank God that monster is dead now. He has paid his dues to God now.

    I’ve learned the hard way when to speak, and when to just shut up and walk away from stupidity and ignorance. It isn’t worth my time or sobriety to engage assholes. If things go bad, I look at the situation and the people involved and I make a solid choice whether to stand my ground or walk away. I do stand my ground when it comes to my personal appearance, my beliefs, and my values and morals.

    I just know now, when to just let it go and walk.

    Hope you and yours are all safe tonight.


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    • Discretion is always the better part of valour. I, too, choose not to argue with toddlers. It has been sixty-two years since I let myself get into a fistfight, which I lost (I’m sixty-nine). I have quietly stood my ground, any number of times since, and been fortunate to have earned the respect of my tormentors. My earnest condolences for all your suffering in childhood and youth. Glad you are still standing, Jeremy.


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