Truth Be Told

April 25, 2020- 

Much in this world is discovered, up front, on a “need to know” basis.  We are both privacy-seeking and hierarchical creatures, by and large.  As a result, one, or more, of three things could happen:  1.  There is a small clique of people who know everything and dole out the facts of a matter, in dribs and drabs, if at all;  2.  A spokesperson, usually given a script, faces the public and either gives out facts in stages, or gives an opaque scenario-which may or may not even contain facts relevant to the case; 3.  A high-ranking member of an administrative team broadcasts both a large volume of information and goes off on tangents, designed to get the public to both blame the team’s perceived opponents and to go down one or more blind alleys and/or rabbit holes.

I’ve seen all three scenarios play out, over the past sixty years- at all levels of government, within families and civic organizations, and in corporations, both profit and non-profit.  I have been the recipient of untruths and have been asked to state untruths-for the “good of the order.”   I have had supervisors try to cover up wrongdoing, and have been dismissed from a post, for being too transparent.  The few times I was tempted to be dishonest myself, I proved unable to carry out the deception.  I have had someone try to throw up smoke and mirrors.  I outlasted the individual by a year, before voluntarily moving to another position.

People deserve to hear the truth, to the extent they can handle it.  They never deserve to hear a lie.  If there is information someone can’t handle, at a certain time, it is best held for a time when he or she CAN handle it.  Lying or deflecting is the stuff of a benign tyranny.  I see this being done by people all along the political spectrum, showing that people in power frequently have a very hard time trusting those who put them in power, in the first place.

There will be many changes coming out of this pandemic.  I hold out hope that a healing environment of truth and personal responsibility will be chief among them.

6 thoughts on “Truth Be Told

  1. Good Morning Teacher

    When the leader of the Free World, speaks, it is out of the side of his snakelike mouth. The narcissist come President could not tell the truth, even upon pain of death. And those who tell the truth are summarily dismissed from his court for disagreeing with Dear Leader.

    Those, in the press, who tell the truth, are called “Enemies of the State.” Who, among the present administration, can get up at that podium and tell the American People the straight truth?

    NO ONE CAN, for fear they will either loose their jobs or be disgraced by Dear Leader for standing up for truth in the face of Pandemic.

    If you disagree with Dear Leader or tell the truth, what follows is a tweet storm of epic proportions.

    Then add insult to injury, Fox News will pick up the scent of blood tossed in the water by Dear Leader, and they too, harangue the guilty party so that they can be seen as supporting Dear Leader and giving him something to watch when he returns to his residence after his long day of LYING to the PEOPLE.

    Because Fox News is Fair and Balanced and TRUTH NEWS, right ???

    I trust few reporters with disseminating truth. One of them has already suggested that WE are NOT going to get truth from our government, PERIOD !! It just ain’t gonna happen, even if hundreds of thousands die over the next three to six months. She tells it like it is. When she says that we need to pay close attention to our state level leaders, and those in the field in our respective areas. At least they know what’s going on, on the ground, and can make state level decisions for their people.

    Only Red State Leaders are getting help from Dear Leader, and the Blue State, Dear Leader Supporters, are protesting in the streets that Social Distancing is killing them financially and fuck the pandemic we need our money now, and not later for God’s sake. We don’t care about the Greater Good, we only care about OUR BOTTOM DOLLAR like Dear Leader.

    I said this last night, the only way to rid the White House of a Serial Liar is the 25th Amendment.

    But nobody has the balls to realize that Dear Leader is a danger to himself AND the American People. And every day he lives in that house, more will die, unnecessarily. Deaths that could be avoided if the Administration got their SHIT TOGETHER and did something good, for the Greater Good and not as a back ground visual for a campaign rally, come, doing what is right, because it is right.

    He called his gaff of telling the American People that they should inject poison into their bodies, as SARCASM pointed at the press, the enemy of the people. He Is SICK !!

    Our people are dying in great numbers and the elderly in both the U.S. and Canada are ground zero. We are trying to mitigate the death and suffering here, our military is on the ground working in elder homes today.

    The U.S. the Administrations is NOT even RECORDING elder deaths, nor does it even care that they are dying, and they have done nothing to mitigate the suffering and dying, because let’s face it, they won’t be voting for Dear Leader in November.

    So to hell with the elderly and the sick and the dispossessed. The Blacks and the Poor. The Brown people and all the others, who will die because of his indifference and ineptitude.

    He’s only helping his Red Meat Base.

    This is a tragedy on a scale that Dear Leader cannot even fathom, in his “Very Stable Genius Mind” And He hired “All the right people” to help him lead, right ?

    There is no hope for the U.S. unless God himself comes down from heaven and strikes Dear Leader DEAD, and restores health to the minions on earth. The watchers who are watching, comment from the side lines, but nobody has stepped in to fill the vacuum and Lead Us into Living.

    Instead we have Dear Leader, LYING through his teeth, and leading us to our deaths. One Day at a time.

    The American Government does NOT have your best interest in mind unless you are voting Republican in November. In other words, Kiss all your asses Good bye, You’re all gonna die from the looks of it.

    The Preacher from the Great White North …


    • Jeremy, I totally get your frustration and rage. People said much the same about Nixon-and not a few, on the other side of the fence, said it about Obama-and John F. Kennedy. We know what happened with the last mentioned. I beleive the democratic process will play out, and that common sense will prevail. Vituperation, on the other hand, will only lead to more pain and suffering, not to relief. I am not a supporter of this president, AND YET, I will ask you, though, to weigh your words carefully. Wishing death on anyone is crossing the line. I know you, personally, are no threat to him, but this is a public blog, and some unhinged people have come by here, from time to time. My take on his most recent remarks: I have publicly posted, on Facebook, a detailed investigation into the efficacy of EACH and EVERY one of his folk remedies, and of their proponents. People who have claimed to have successfully used Chloroquine and Hydrogen Peroxide have been exposed, by trusted friends of mine, as frauds. Truth is going to win out-and quackery will not do the damage that many fear. We need to remain vigilant, stay the democratic course and right the wrongs that are being done by both ends of the political spectrum. Yes, those who propose microchipping and vaccines from the pilfered organs of aborted fetuses and murdered newborns are out there, as well, and are just as dangerous as the folk remedists. I will vote my conscience, in November, and it will not be for either of the listed candidates. Follow your country’s leader, Jeremy, to the extent you feel he has your best interests at heart. I ask you, this once, to be a voice for strength and reason. I cannot sanction more suffering; there is, as you say, far too much already.


  2. Teacher,

    I guess the cards are all on the table now. You support a man I oppose because he will not help you unless it serves his bottom line and his pocket. Trump is a relationship ending topic. that man has no moral value and serves no one but himself, there is not one Christian bone in his body. And he will pay for what he has done in spades one day.

    When he is voted out of office I will stand with the Patriots and call for his indictment of crimes against humanity, and his obstruction of justice and witness tampering in the impeachment trial, that his people failed to convict him on when they had the chance.

    They let him ride, to the detriment of every American Citizen who is sick, will die, and all those thousands of people who are dead now, because


    When your kids die, and all those folks who live on res. die, and all of your friends die, whom you care about because of the indifference and stupidity of the man you support, one day you will ask the question WHY?

    And my answer will be I TOLD YOU SO.


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    • No, I do not support Trump. Neither do I support a culture of savagery and vituperation-from any direction. When this is over, ALL those, Trump, Gates, the Clintons, and everyone else who vaunted their own bottom lines over the masses, will be held to account-under the rule of law. Me and mine are following the guidance of medical science, so we’ll see how that plays out.


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