The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 76: Dog Days

August 15, 2020-

I woke up grouchy, this morning, and had to sit for a few minutes, processing a few unresolved issues from the past, which, it is said, come up whenever several of Earth’s fellow planets go in retrograde from this world. One thing that annoys me, that has little or nothing to do with retrogrades, though, is the dry, extreme heat that comes with a La Nina summer. It will be dry as a bone, from California to Texas, into September, unless the La Nina pattern breaks up ahead of schedule.

So, on days like this, I have only to pull myself together, with extra hydration, and a large meal in midday, with smaller fare earlier and later. Fortunately, too, the Microgreen and Wheatgrass delivery came, this afternoon, as did the coming month’s supply of do Terra products.

It was an emotional lift to take that large meal at Rustic Cafe, which I had not visited since before the pandemic shutdown. The young sisters-in-law who work the front are ever peppy and cheerful, lifting everyone’s spirits. The food is always hearty and in manageable portions, as well as being scrumptious. Unlike a few of my other favourite spots, there is seating inside.

Another bit of good news: Farmers’ Market will move to a site that is more welcoming to the staff, vendors and patrons. The parking lot of a shuttered elementary school will be our gathering place, in perpetuity, come September.

Dog Days can wear one out, so the spirit must work harder at making the most of the last few weeks of high heat. Who knows? We may get a wet September and October, which has happened in the past, most notably, ten years ago.

6 thoughts on “The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 76: Dog Days

  1. Knowing the reasons behind our feelings can bring equilibrium. Glad you found that balance! During extreme heat tempers are short and crime/violence increases. Hot headed is not just an internal state but could likely be caused by environmental conditions!

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  2. It’s HOT here for the next 10 days! And the fires are nasty! I don’t remember such a prolonged heat wave for many years — and many heat records are being broken. Take care as this begins to move east 🙂 !

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    • It’s here! We “enjoyed” 100 + heat, Friday and yesterday. I am concerned for the fires, up and down California. We’ve pretty much had our fire season, but there is always a chance for a second one.


  3. CalISO just called a flex-alert, meaning that my home is in a group that could be affected by rolling blackouts later in the day. I’ve put the car outside, in case I want to leave (I may go down to the beach in a little while), and will keep everything as cool as possible in the meantime! I have’t seen news today, but the air is brown here, even with a breeze — I expect there are more fires, and little or no progress in the firefight!

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