The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 84: The Sodden Ground Trembles

August 23, 2020, Beaumont-

A tall, gracious young woman greeted us at the door to Cracker Barrel, which was the group’s dinner choice, this evening. Jarae then found herself to be our server. A delightful person brought delightful comfort food, and we continued to prepare, physically and mentally, for what could be a double whammy-or a bust.

What concerns me most about the Bayou Country-from Aransas Pass and Matagorda to the south, Spring and Katy to the west, Livingston and Lufkin to the north, and everything east, as far as Dothan, is that the ground is sodden, saturated. The bayoux, the creeks and the rivers can take some more water, but the ground around them is spongy and won’t absorb much more. Two storms in a row may or may not overwhelm the area, but they will deposit a goodly amount of water, and there will be twelve more weeks of Hurricane Season remaining, I see the potential for shades of 2005-and if you remember, we ran out of people names for storms that year, It even sent a hurricane into the South Atlantic-in January, 2006.

So, on that cheery note, I can only say, we are the A-Team, from Arizona, and LA/TX is in good hands.

4 thoughts on “The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 84: The Sodden Ground Trembles

  1. Ominous news re: the soil being saturated already. My sister has been keeping me informed since she is in Pensacola Beach. Looks like the storms will miss them although they are expecting in excess of 5 inches of rain and plenty of strong wind. They have their bags packed and lots of ice in the freezers and the generator primed for use if the electric goes out. She figures they are good for 2 weeks if they are careful with the generator and food. I’m hoping the people in the storms’ paths are as prepared…

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