The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 88: It’s Like Arm Wrestling

August 27, 2020, Alexandria, LA-

We heard the freight train coming through, around 2:30 A.M. There were lulls and uproars, from then on, continuously until 12 Noon. The subsiding of the winds was followed by occasional showers, for much of the afternoon. The power went out, and with it the Internet, thus the lateness of this and the preceding post.

We also found that water was shut down, as the city’s pumping station had lost its power, as well. I am expecting that the potability of the water will be non-existent, for several days after the flow is restored. Thankfully, we at the Coliseum shelter have an abundance of bottled water.

Facing the hurricane, along with keeping COVID-19 in mind, is a lot like arm wrestling, against a tag team. Both arms need to be in motion- and that’s a strange feeling. Our efforts continue and the team is, if anything, tighter as we go forward. Clients are also a strength, keeping one another in a heart embrace, and showing appreciation for our efforts as well.

It’s hot here, when the power and AC are off, as they were for most of today. As we were about ready to turn in for the night, the two comforts came back on. I am confident that we can get any other issues resolved, as they come up.

6 thoughts on “The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 88: It’s Like Arm Wrestling

  1. I cannot even begin to know how a Hurricane must feel, so my thoughts are with you.. We just had a storm blow thought the UK with winds in our location of 50 to 60 mph gusts… which was bad enough… sending thoughts your way .. Keep safe..

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    • I recall that a couple of times last year, or the year before, our Atlantic hurricanes found their way back across the pond and hit the British Isles, even beyond-to southwest Norway. The planet is throwing winds around, quite intensely.


  2. Facing a hurricane is stressful and I hope by now, you are okay. I’m grateful I no longer live in Florida where I dodged hurricanes for most of my life. I lived from one end of the state to the other and in-between, as well. It seemed those big storms were following me.

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