The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 89: Deferred

August 28, 2020, Alexandria, LA

The Internet was down today, and will be, until the 31st. So, I have decided that deferral of this blog series will just be a fact of life. In the meantime, I jotted down some notes and can say that there is actually no place I’d rather be, right now, than among the displaced and downtrodden of western and central Louisiana.

We are put among people who need us, in this life, and maybe we need them, just as much. There had to have been a good reason why I dreamt of being deployed to Alexandria. Some, from other parts of the country, put down the South, and the Deep South in particular. I dissent from that view. So far, in fact, Blacks, Whites and Hispanics have been together, under the roof of Rapides Parish Coliseum-for the past five days, in COVID-protocol close quarters, getting along well, because their circumstances are the same and becuase our team treats them all the same.

So, in gratefully accepting the Red Cross Challenge Coin,the organization’s certificate of merit, this evening, I noted that I am accepting it on behalf of everyone who is on staff.

A week remains, as do further challenges that come with a community in recovery. It’s nice to hear, though, that I am always welcome in Alexandria.

6 thoughts on “The Summer of the Rising Tides, Day 89: Deferred

  1. Will you only be in LA for another week? From what we see on the news, the need will continue long after that week is over. Congrats on the Red X Challenge Coin — that reflects your personality very well1

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    • I am sure that people will come in after us, and continue the work. It will be months before western Louisiana is on an even keel. I have some commitments in Arizona, though if the crisis gets a whole lot worse, those commitments may melt away.


  2. Being one of the people who make a difference is wonderful and doubly that recognition was give. Though I suspect that the welcome mat being extended to you is a better and more lasting sign that you have done well!

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